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Singin' in the Rain cast list 




Don Lockwood –Marc Murai

Cosmo Brown – Colin Malette

Kathy Selden –  Mia Berardi

Lina Lamont – Seraphim D'Andrea

R. F. Simpson –Don Smith-Weiss

Roscoe Dexter – Phillip Laks

Dora Bailey – Becca Tarr

Rod – Tim Bomil

Sid Phillips – Jacob Duby

Zelda Zangler – Elise Wulff

Phoebe Dinsmore –   Martha Daniels Holland

Male Vocal Coach – Jed  Holland

Tenor Soloist – Max Mcgrath


Specialty Dancers:

Patrice Doherty

Alyssa Gillin

Gabby Lavoie

Olivia Moriarty

Samantha  Morin

Emily Trubey

Sarah Wenrich

Elise Wulff


Young Don and Young Cosmo - TBD


Ensemble & Bit Parts:

Tim Bomil

Mike Bradbury

Tina Cassidy

Alicia  Chouinard

Gilbert Chouinard

Christie Conticchio

Bill Cote

Barbara Danais

Martha Daniels Holland

Patrice Doherty

Jacob  Duby

Alyssa Gillin

Logan Higgins

Jed  Holland

Rose Marie Joly

Gabby Lavoie

Derek Levesque

Kathleen Meehan Goreham

Olivia Moriarty

Samantha  Morin

Danielle Nobles

Mackenzie Ozaroff

Alice Pascucci

Gail Reilly

Becca Tarr

Pamela Thornhill

Katie Tocci

Emily Trubey

Sarah Wenrich

Elise Wulff

Jo-Ann Zall


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Wizard of Oz Cast List  



Cast List


Dorothy – Sophia Desilets 

Tin Man – Julian Jagentenfl

Scarecrow – Ben Morton

Lion – Shane Gillis

Witch – Delaney Kipp

Glinda – Casey Orner

Aunt Em – Gwen Davis

Wizard – Jackson Chittister

Toto – Cordova Symanski

Doorman – Eli Goodman

Uncle Henry – Matthew Rice

Yellow Brick Road – Sydney Clements

Guard – Mia Taylor

Winkie Leader – Molly Sullivan

Mayor – Peter Headington

Nikko – Gavin Theriault

Coroner – Kathleen Laramie

Barrister – Rebecca Manning

Lollipop Guild: 

Grace Harris

Mary Holland

Addy Martin

Molly O’Connell

Bryan Wheeler

Lullaby League:

Mia Conti

Ellie King

Autumn Palmer

Olivia Tall

Briana Turcotte

Ensemble (trees, munchkins, crows, jitterbugs, citizens of OZ, monkeys, cyclone, winkies)

Danica Adams

Margaret Barker

Genivive Berube

Theresa Carbonneau

Charlotte Cardone

Emma Charest

Jack Charest

Shania Goodison

Annabelle Hitzeman

Lucie Hodgdon

Caroline Kelly

Ella Landry

Ashlee Melanson

Megan O’Connell

Emma Pearl

Lauren Puopolo

Melany Salazar

Aubrey Saylor

Lily Schneider

Giavanna Stefan

Serra Sullivan

Sheryl Vimadalal

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Rock on!

Actorsingers 2016 cast of "Rock of Ages"!


Drew Boley = Joe Paoni
Sherrie Christian = Ashley Swanson
Lonny Barnett = James Middleton
Dennis Dupree = Mike Colena
Stacee Jaxx = Bob Haas
Justice Charlier = Melissa Runde
Hertz Klineman = William (Billy) Girginis
Franz Klineman = Jesse Drake
Regina Koontz = Angelica Rosenthal


Venus Club Dancers = Sarah Wenrich (Destiny), Jenn Ryder (Sapphire), Brittany Cardoza, Patrice Doherty, Emily Trubey

Father Christian = Brandon Ward
Mother Christian = Laura Millar
Mayor = Becca Tarr
Waitress #1 = Alicia Vigeant
Ja'Keith Gill = Paul Gauthier-Zayas
Joey Primo = Matt Kaiser
Constance Sack = Anja Parish
Candi = Logan Higgins
Sleazy Producer = Phil Laks

Ensemble = Alicia Chouinard, Lauren Fohlin, Ally Holmes, Lea Kablik, Meredythe Leonard, Kelsey Rae Marot



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Bat Boy Cast List (2016) 

Bat Boy The Musical Cast List

Bat Boy: Ben Levine

Meredith Parker: Laura Millar

Thomas Parker: Stuart Harmon

Shelley Parker: Julie Shea

Sheriff Reynolds: Tim Daughters

Mrs. Taylor/Rev. Billy Hightower/Roy/Institute Man: Glen Grimard

Pan/Bud/Daisy: Andrew Holland

Rick Taylor/Lorraine/Doctor/Mr.Dillion: Billy Girginis

Ron Taylor/Maggie/Clem: Armando Belliard Harmon

Ruthie Taylor/Ned: Jen Ryder



Becca Tarr

Patrice Doherty

Katie Tocci

Tina Cassidy

Meredythe Leonard

Jillian Turner

Kate Masson

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Footloose Cast List 

Congratulations to the Footloose Cast!


First Rehearsal is May 5th. Please accept your role by Friday April 22 by e-mailing the Director Dan
Footloose Cast List

Ren McCormack – Andrew Holland

Ethel McCormack – Selena Miller

Reverend Shaw Moore – Sean Fitzgerald

Vi Moore – Liz Mak

Ariel Moore – Aly Aramento

Willard Hewitt – Jerome Trudeau

Rusty – Sammy Honeywell

Chuck Cranston – Mitchell Johnson


Bomont Townspeople

  • Lulu Warnicker – Emily Valcourt
  • Wes Warnicker – Ethan Kraus
  • Coach Roger Dunbar –Dustin Blake
  • Eleanor Dunbar – TBA
  • Principal Clark – Shayla Melanson
  • Betty Blast – Claire Seddon
  • Cop - TBA
  • Cowboy Bob – Jake Doble



  • Urleen – Meredith Byerly
  • Wendy-Jo –Alison Cashin
  • Bickle –Jacob Duby
  • Garvin – Alexander Hebert
  • Lyle –TBA
  • Travis – TBA
  • Jeter – Jake Doble
  • Joey Trannalfo


Chicago Club Dancers/Bar-B-Que Dancers/Students

  • Sarah Bernyk
  • Nicole Delipidio
  • Megan Elwell
  • Alyssa Gillin
  • Danielle Nobles
  • Hailey Sullivan



  • Kelly Frasca
  • Mackenzie Goodwin
  • Bryan Laborera
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American Idiot - Cast List  

Congratulations to the Cast!

JOHNNY - Joe Paoni

TUNNY – Steven Gonzalez

WILL – Matt Kaiser

ST. JIMMY – Elliot Owens

WHATSERNAME – Jessica Vaughn

HEATHER – Sheree Owens




CAM – Cam Cassella

CONNOR - Connor Vigeant

JESSE – Jesse Drake

JOEY - Joey T.

LOGAN - Logan Higgins

NAT – Nat Ward

PHIL – Phillip Laks



KELSEY – Kelsey Rae Marot

LO – Lauren Dillon

DANIELLE – Danielle Lepine

JOANNE – Joanne Wood

CAITLIN – Caitlin Thistle

JULIE – Julie Shea

KELLY – Kelly Purpura

JEN – Jennifer Ryder

LAUREN - Lauren Friedman

STEPH - Stephanie Pappas

ANGELICA - Angelica Rosenthal

LEAH - Leah Schwartz

SARAH - Sarah Wenrich




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Stockholm Syndrome Cast List announced 

Actorsingers 2015 NH Community Theatre One-Act Festival entry

Cast List

"Janice" - Anja Ward

"Bad Guy" - Mike Wood


Production Team

Director - Ashley Sullivan

Assistant Director - Matt Mulligan

Stage Manager - Diana Hill


Stockholm Syndrome will be Actorsingers entry at the 2015 NHCTA's the weekend of September 12th at the historic Rochester Opera House.  Stockholm Syndrome is an original One-Act Comedy by our very own Ashley Sullivan!  Stockholm Syndrome is a Comedy about an eccentric woman who becomes a hostage in her own home, and starts to feel sorry for her captor, though the bad guy quickly finds this odd woman much harder to deal with than he anticipated! Actorsingers is thrilled to support Ashley Sullivan and her work. Congratulations cast and crew!

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Crazy for You - Cast List 



BOBBY CHILD     Joel Iwaskiewicz

POLLY BAKER    Laura Iwaskiewicz

BELA ZANGLER  Colin Malette

IRENE ROTH  Sophie Linkroum

LANK HAWKINS Kevin Linkroum

EVERETT BAKER (Polly's Grandfather)    Ben Pascucci

 LOTTIE CHILD  (Mother) Alice Pascucci

EUGENIE FODOR  Lizzie Krahenbuhl


PERKINS (Doubles as Custus)   Phillip Laks



TESS    Jessica Dee

PATSY   Patrice Doherty

MITZI    Becca Tarr

ELAINE  Kathleen Meeham Goreham

LOUISE Tina Cassidy

SUSIE    Ashley Eason

BETSY    Emily Trubey

MARGIE Kathy LeClair



Heather Armhold

Danielle Lepine

Lindsey Hedrick

Alexandra DeFelice



HARRY (Bartender) Rich Rothbell 

CUSTUS Phillip Laks

JIMMY  Jacob Duby



MOOSE   Glen Grimard

MINGO    Jed Holland

SAM      Greg Ngugen



BILLY     Billy Pomerleau

WYATT Jacob Lavoie

JUNIOR    Logan Higgins



Sarah Desaulniers

Brenna McGoff



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A Year With Frog and Toad Cast - 2015 

Congratulations to the Cast!

Frog    Ben Morton

Toad    Anyssa Mitchell

Birds    Dottie Charest, Kelly Frasca, Grace Greenaway,Devon Kuchta, Kathleen Laramie, Hailey Sullivan

Lizard    Isaac George

Lizard Crew    Shira Grossman, Ellie Klayton

Moles    Carly Fryatt, Nick Griffis, Ella Landry

Mice    Samantha Parks, Emily Valcourt

Snail    Julian Jagentenfl

Snail Crew     Eli Goodman, Trisha Mistry, Molly O’Connell

Turtle    Joshua Booth

Squirrels    Shayla Melanson, Grace Morton, Sarah Ross, Claire Seddon

Mother Frog    Mary Grabowski

Father Frog    Jonah Savage

Young Frog    Nate Griffis

Large and Terrible Frog    Andrew Tall

Ensemble Bumblebees    Jaiden Ackerman, Avelynn Cormier, Emma Duncan, Emma Mathson

Ensemble Fireflies    Violet Cameron-Webb, Mary Holland, Jenna Ross

Ensemble Flowers   Jiena Moskun, Emma Pearl, Molly Sullivan, Mia Taylor

Ensemble Ladybugs    Margaret Barker, Rebecca Manning, Briana Turcotte


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Congratulations to the Cast of Les Miserables! 

Cast list is now posted

Congratulations to the Cast of Les Miserables! Cast list is now posted here.

Thank-you to all who auditioned the talent was extraordinary!


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