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SHREK Cast List (2018) 



Emma Charest, Grace Harris, Ashlee Melanson, Emma Pearl

MAMA OGRE: Sophia Desilets

PAPA OGRE: Peter Headington


SHREK: Ben Morton

PINOCCHIO: Serra Sullivan

BIG BAD WOLF: Charlotte Cardone

3 LITTLE PIGS:  Mary Holland, Magen Paris, Briana Turcotte

WICKED WITCH: Theresa Carbonneau

PETER PAN: Fiona Furze


MAMA BEAR: Autumn Fichera

PAPA BEAR: Peter Headington

BABY BEAR: Grace Kelly

GINGY: Addy Martin

PUSS IN BOOTS: Jackson Chittister

DWARF: Jack Charest

BISHOP: Regina Girouard

FAIRYTALE ENSEMBLE: Annie Charest, Angelyna DeJesus, Charlotte Edwards

DONKEY: Julian Jagentenfl


DRAGON: Autumn Fichera

YOUNG FIONA: Annie Charest

TEEN FIONA: Mariko Coffey


OGRE FIONA: Sophia Desilets


RATS: Danica Adams, Cara Berman, Rebecca Carey, Mary Caron, Annabelle

Hintzeman, Lucie Hodgdon, Caroline Kelly, Brianna Sawyer, Molly Sullivan

KNIGHTS: Evie Berube, Cat Busby, Lily Carlson, Shania Goodison, Chris Holland, Ellie

King, Lauren Puoplo, Aubrey Saylor, Lily Schneider

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TEEN and FRINGE SHOWS Call for proposals 2018  

The Board of Directors is currently accepting proposals for the 2018 Teen and Fringe productions. Interested candidates must present a comprehensive vision which includes the following:
  • the name of your proposed show
  • resumes for proposed directorial team
  • producer
  • budget
To request assistance with budgeting, please contact Diana Hill at
Once we receive your proposal, we will find a mutually agreeable date for your interview. Please submit your proposal and any correlated documents to Diana at
*TEEN show proposals must be submitted by Jan 2nd, 2018
*FRINGE show proposals must be submitted by Jan 29th, 2018

The 2018 Teen show will be staged at Janice B. Streeter Theatre 14 Court Street, Nashua NH July 13-15

The 2018 Fringe show will be staged at Janice B. Streeter Theatre 14 Court Street, Nashua NH Aug 31 - Sept 2

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Shrek The Musical JR 2018 Auditions  

Director: Grace Morton
Mentor Director: Mia Berardi
Musical Director: Jed Holland
Choreographer: Hailey Sullivan
Mentor Choreographer: Sarah Wenrich
Producers: Michelle Morrison, Jenn Morton
Auditions are for children grades 3-8
SUN, Dec 17th, 1PM-4PM
Auditions are at Actorsingers Hall, 219 Lake St., Nashua NH 

Doors open at 12:30pm for paperwork and teaching of a short dance routine. 

The dance routine is taught throughout the afternoon, so don't worry about arriving early. Please wear comfortable dance clothes/shoes. Please be prepared to sing 16 bars of a song that is familiar to you, singing a song from the show is permitted. A $15 membership fee to Actorsingers is required for all cast, this is the only production fee. 


Audition form here

Read-Thru & Dance Party:
SAT, Dec 30th, 5:45PM-8:45PM
Sundays 1-4 PM, Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-8 PM
Janice B. Streeter Theater
14 Court Street, Nashua NH
Show Dates:
March 23rd-25th, 2018
Shrek The Musical JR., MTI show page


Questions please e-mail the producers, Jenn and Michelle.
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Sister Act 2018 - Audition Requirements 

Plus Show information

Director- Tim Stanley

Music Director - Amanda Morgan

Choreographer - Brittney-Lynne Harding

Producer - Alicia Chouinard



Audition Form

Word doc here

PDF file here


Performance Dates:

May 11-13, 2018

Friday May 11 @ 8PM

Saturday May 12 @ 8PM

Sunday May 13 @ 2PM


Performance Location:

 Keefe Center for the Arts

117 Elm St.

Nashua, NH


Auditions, Rehearsal Location:

Actorsingers Building

219 Lake Street

Nashua, NH

(entrance in rear of building)


Any Questions:

Contact: Director – Tim Stanley

603-320-5531 Cell


Call Back list


Must be at least 16 years old by May 11, 2018 (opening night) to audition



Sister Act Auditions


All  roles Auditions  (except Doloris)

Sunday, Jan 7th  * 6– 10 pm and Monday, Jan 8th  *7– 10 pm

*The hall opens 1 our before auditions on Sunday and Monday. So hall opens at 5 on Sunday and 6 on Monday to learn the dance.

Call Backs if needed - Wednesday, Jan 10th  7– 9 pm

Deloris (Maria Hendricks) will be at all other role call backs to read opposite other leads.


See character descriptions below.





First Rehearsal  Sunday January 28, 2018  6-10 pm


Mondays 7- 10 pm

Wednesdays 7 – 10 pm

Sundays 6– 10 pm


Audition Requirements:

What to prepare for the Sister Act auditions:

Acting Auditions:

EVERYONE Male & Female Leads and Ensemble – Prepare a 1-2 minute monologue memorized NOT read.  Can be funny or serious should showcase your acting talents.  Does not have to be from a play or musical.  Many audition monologues can be found for free on-line.


Dance Audition:

Everyone will learn about a 1 minute dance.  Not all parts will need to exhibit great dancing skills, but we'd like to see if you can move - and how you can sell it, even if you don't do the steps correctly!!

What to Wear:


Ladies: - Character shoes, Jazz shoes, or Sneakers . Comfortable clothing that doesn't restrict your movement such as gym shorts, sweats, leggings, yoga pants etc. Remember to have fun and smile! we not looking for perfection. We are looking for someone who is having fun and is trying their best!

Men: - Jazz shoes or Sneakers. Comfortable clothing that doesn't restrict your movement such as gym shorts, sweats, etc. Remember to have fun and smile! we not looking for perfection. We are looking for someone who is having fun and is trying their best!


Vocal Audition:

Nuns & All Women (leads and ensemble, 2 components as well)

Please prepare 32 bars (about 1 minute of music) that showcases your belt.

Please prepare 32 bars (about 1 minute of music) of a church hymn that showcases the more classical side of your voice, we strongly encourage you to choose a church hymn other than Amazing Grace.


Men (leads and ensemble, 2 components)

Please prepare 32 bars (about 1 minute of music) of a song that shows off your falsetto range (it is preferred that you pick a song traditionally performed by a woman).

Please prepare 32 bars (about 1 minute of music) that best showcases your natural singing voice.


Sister Act Synopsis

Sister Act is the feel-good musical comedy smash based on the hit 1992 film that has audiences jumping to their feet! Featuring original music by Tony- and eight-time Oscar winner, Alan Menken (Newsies, Beauty and the Beast, Little Shop of Horrors), this uplifting musical was nominated for five Tony Awards, including Best Musical.

 MTI  show synopsis

Wikipedia show synopsis

Actorsingers Sister Act show page


Character Descriptions:  

Mother SuperiorFemale – Lead
Vocal Range - Mezzo-Soprano

Must appear between early 50’s to early 70’s. Mother Superior is the head of the convent, sarcastic and a bit stiff. Extremely protective about keeping her sisters away from the outside world, which puts her in direct opposition to Deloris and her musical teachings.


Sister Mary Robert - Female  - Lead

Vocal Range - Mezzo-Soprano

Must appear between 16 to early 20’s. Sister Mary Robert is a postulant and the youngest nun in the convent. Abandoned as a baby and raised at the convent. Shy and soft-spoken, but singing with Deloris lets her find her voice. Her wallflower lifestyle has made her live a shell of a life.


Monsignor O’Hara – Male - Supporting                   

Vocal Range - Baritone

Must appear between 40 -60. The Monsignor will try anything to raise money to save the convent.  Constantly concerned with financial matters, though soul music surprisingly puts him in a different mood.


Curtis Jackson – Male - Supporting

Vocal Range - Baritone

Must appear between 30-40. Curtis Jackson is a slime ball club owner and gangster and Deloris's boyfriend. Cocky and controlling, always on the verge of violence.


Eddie Souther – Male - Supporting

Vocal Range - Tenor

Must appear between 25-35. The desk chief at the Philadelphia police station and a high school classmate of Deloris who helps get her into hiding. Faces a lot of nerves when under pressure, causing him to sweat profusely. He still yearns for Deloris after all these years, and dreams of being her hero.


Tj – Male - Supporting

Vocal Range - Tenor

Must appear between 16-30. Tj is one of gangster Curtis Jackson’s’ cronies, also his nephew. Deft and cognizant of the fact, constantly in a state of ignorant bliss.


Joey – Male - Supporting

Vocal Range - Tenor

Must appear between 30-40. Joey is one of gangster Curtis Jackson’s’ cronies. He thinks very highly of himself. Believes himself to be quite the ladies' man.


Pablo – Spanish Speaking Male - Supporting

Vocal Range - Tenor

Must appear between 25-40. Pablo is one of gangster Curtis Jackson’s’ cronies. A natural follower, constantly speaks in Spanish.


Sister Mary Lazarus – Female - Supporting

Vocal Range - Mezzo-Soprano

Must appear between 50-70, Sister Mary Lazarus is one of the more experienced nuns of the convent and the head of the choir. Rather deadpan and the least welcoming of any of the nuns, but she gets caught up in Deloris's soul music.


Sister Mary Patrick – Female - Supporting

Vocal Range - Soprano , Mezzo-Soprano

Must appear between 35-50. Mary Patrick is one of the more boisterous nuns. Young or just young-at-heart, she is consistently perky, enthusiastic, and easily excitable.


Sister Mary Martin-of-Tours  - Female - Featured

Must appear between 40-60, Mary Martin-of-Tours is described to Sister Mary Clarence (lounge singer Deloris Van Cartier).  A nun of the convent. Clearly in her own world, but has her moments of surprising clarity.


Sister Mary Theresa  - Female - Featured

Must appear between 60-70. Mary Theresa is the oldest of all the nuns at the convent. Decrepit at a glance, but secretly packs a punch.


Michelle –  Any Ethnicity Female - Featured

Vocal Range - Mezzo-Soprano

Must appear between 20-30. Michelle is one of Deloris Van Cartier’s back-up singers. Lippy and always quick with a retort.


Tina - Any Ethnicity Female - Featured

Vocal Range - Mezzo-Soprano

Must appear between 20-30. Tina is one of Deloris Van Cartier’s back-up singers. A little thick and naïve.


Ernie – Male - Featured 

Vocal Range – Spoken

Must appear between 25-35, Ernie is one of Curtis Jackson's cronies. Initially thought to be a mindless yes-man, he turns out to be an undercover police informant.


Ensemble - Either Gender  - Ensemble

Vocal Range - Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone, Bass
The varied ensemble of Sister Act will play additional nuns and cops, bar patrons and homeless.








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Drowsy Chaperone Cast List (2017) 

Cast List

Congratulations to the cast! First rehearsal is Monday Aug 14 at 7 pm*


Man in Chair                    Christopher Szczerba

Janet Van de Graff          Eliza Baxter

Robert                              Dylan Mahalingam 

George                             Matthew Zielonko

Mrs. Tottendale               Martha  Daniels Holland

Underling                         Glen Grimard

Adolpho                           Ed Siegal

Drowsy Chaperone         Erin Maitland

Mr. Feldzieg                     Joey T.

Kitty                                  Mia Berardi

Gangster 1                       Joel King

Gangster 2                       Ben Levine

Trix                                   Meredith Thompson

Superintendent               TBD       



Tim Bomil 

Sam Campanella 

Cameron Cassella

Emerson Demers

Patrice  Doherty   

Chris Estrada   

Kathy LeClair   

Laura Millar   

Danielle Nobles

Mackenzie Ozaroff

Jennifer Ryder

Hailey Sullivan  

Lynn Vaillancourt

Sarah Wenrich

Jo-Ann  Zall

Zakara Tber


*We will have read through on Monday night, Full cast music rehearsal Wednesday night, we will be working on a more detailed schedule which will be posted as soon as it's done.
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The Drowsy Chaperone callbacks 

Hello Auditioners:

Thank you for auditioning for Drowsy Chaperone - what a great turnout! 

The callback list is below..  Only a few roles are being called back - don't be worried if you don't see your name on this list.  Callbacks are tomorrow (Wed Aug 9).   You will be / have been contacted individually to confirm your attendance.

Ashley Hughes Swanson
Becky Ruccio
Bob Frasca
Carli Hamilton
Dylan Mahalingam
Eliza Baxter
Erin Maitland
Jacob Duby
Joel King
Joey T
Joseph Tannalfo
Lisa Owen
Matthew Zielonko
Mia Berardi
Patrice Doherty
Stacey Driscoll
Wende Ann Donahue
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2017-Holiday Stroll Proposals 

Deadline Sept 1, 2017
Actorsingers  BOD is currently accepting proposals for the 2017 Holiday Stroll.


Proposals will be accepted until Sept 1st and should be e-mailed to Diana Hill at



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The Drowsy Chaperone - 2017 Auditions  

Audtion Information

Direction Team

Director - Lance Arnold

Music Director - Karina Allayne

Choreographer - Logan Higgins



Callbacks Wednesday evening, August 9th - starting as early as 6:45pm 

Callback list is here

Audition Requirements


We are looking for 16 bars in the style of the show. There are no restrictions on the song, if you wish to sing a song from The Drowsy Chaperone you may. Please bring Karaoke style tracks (ones without vocals) to accompany your song OR a copy of your sheet music for accompanist Jed Holland.



A dance combination will be taught at auditions, please dress comfortably for movement in the dance audition.

A video of the dance is posted in the facebook event here



Sides below for the cold reads at auditions

Side 1 and Side 2 - Man in Chair

Side 3 - Janet-Chaperone-Man

Side 4 - Janet-Robert

Side 5 - Robert-George

Side 6 - Aldolpho-Chaperone

Side 7 - Tottendale-Underling

Side 8 - Tottendale-Underling

Side 9 - Feldzieg-Aldolpho

Side 10 - Kitty-Gangsters-Feldzieg

Side 11 - Kitty-Gangsters-Feldzieg


Character List

Drowsy Chaperone - Character Breakdown

Man in Chair (age 35-60) - Narrator and host. He is a neurotic shut-in and aficionado of Golden-Age musical theater. He listens to his record collection of classic Broadway shows to pick up his mood when he’s feeling down. The character engages directly and earnestly with the audience. He should be funny and charming but also realistic and natural.

Vocal range: baritone  Dance: Limited


Janet Van de Graaff (20-30) - Star of Feldzieg’s Follies who is retiring from show business to marry Robert Martin. She is the classic 1920’s starlet and ingénue.

Vocal range: mezzo  Dance: Advanced (can safely pull of tricks (splits, acrobatics, contortion, juggling, etc.)

Robert Martin (20-30) – Lead role -  The groom who is in love with Janet Van de Graff. He is the classic 1920’s leading man: charming, handsome, and a matinee idol. He is cheesy, cheerful, and optimistic.

Vocal range: tenor     Dance: Advanced  (Must be able to tap dance and roller skate.)

The Drowsy Chaperone (45-55) - Janet’s acerbic witted and alcoholic confidante. This role is played as The Grand Dame of the Theater: an aging diva that will steal every scene and skillfully chew the scenery. A big comedic role.

Vocal range: alto  Dance: Moderate

Aldolpho (40 - 55) - Latin Lothario. An over-confident buffoon that specializes in over-acting. Fake accent and excellent comic timing required.

Vocal range: baritone   Dance:  Moderate

Mrs. Tottendale (45-60) - The wealthy host of the wedding. She is dizzy and forgetful, but always sweet and charming. She is oblivious to the mayhem that surrounds her in the show.

Vocal range: alto         Dance: Limited

Underling (40-50) - Mrs. Tottendale’s butler. He is a classic English butler with a long suffering attitude, and understated sense of humor. He delivers lines with a dry sense of humor and sarcasm.

Vocal range: tenor  Dance: Moderate

Feldzieg (35-50) - Broadway producer who wants to stop the wedding and get Janet back in show business. He is an insensitive blowhard and a nervous wreck.

Vocal range: baritone  Dance: Moderate

Kitty (25 - 30’s) – 1920’s blonde chorine. She is the companion of Mr. Feldzieg and is trying to get the role of leading lady in his show. Nasal and annoying, but not mean.

Vocal range: mezzo or soprano   Dance: Moderate/Advanced

George (20-40) – The Best Man. He is loyal, affable, sincere, and nervous. He is a good friend to Robert. He works hard to keep the wedding from being derailed.

Vocal range: tenor    Dance:  Moderate – must be able to tap.

Gangsters 1 & 2 (30-40) – Stereotypical happy-go-lucky Broadway gangsters posing as pastry chefs. Complicated wordplay, classic New York accents and good comic timing required.

Vocal range: baritone  Dance: Moderate/Advanced


Trix (25-50) – A confident female aviator. She is a strong woman living a life of adventure. May double in ensemble.

Vocal range: mezzo      Dance: Moderate

Ensemble (Ages 20 & up) – A strong ensemble. actors play many characters. (Tottendale’s staff, Monkeys, reporters, photographers, Chinese monks, wedding guests) Opportunities for featured dancers

All vocal ranges.   Dance: Limited to Advanced All ensemble must move well.



Sun 6-10 pm

Mon & Wed 7-10 pm

First rehearsal is Monday August 14th 2017

No rehearsal on Sunday August 27, 2017 [Wild Party final performance] / Monday September 4, 2017 [ Labor Day ]
Tech Week for cast begins on Sunday October 29 2017



Friday, November 3 @ 8 pm

Saturday November 4 @ 8 pm

Sunday November 5 @ 2 pm

Performances at Keefe Center For The Arts, 117 Elm Street, Nashua, NH


The Drowsy Chaperone MTI show page

The Drowsy Chaperone Actorsingers Show Page 

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The Wild Party cast list 

The Wild Party cast list

Queenie - Caity Glover

Burrs - Joey T

Black - Colin Malette

Kate - Carli Hamilton

Madeline - Lo Dillon

Delores - Jess Couture

Eddie - Erik Shaffer

Mae - Julie Harris

Sam - Jared Reynolds

Oscar - Michael DeRosa

Phil - Jacob Duby

Nadine - Danielle Nobles

Max - Andrew Holland

Jackie - Daniel Maskas

The Neighbor - Glen Grimard


Logan Higgins

Jennifer Ryder

Laura Millar

Lauren Friedman

Meredythe Leonard

Molly Flood

Patrice Doherty

Roxanne Harmon

Sarah Wenrich



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The Wild Party Callbacks 

Hello Auditioners:

Thank you all once again for coming out to auditions for The Wild Party! 

The following people are being invited to callbacks.  If your name is not on this list it does not mean you are not cast.  Not all roles are being called back.  Watch your email for info on what roles you are being called back for, what music to prepare, and what time to come on Wed.

If your name is on this list and you do not receive an email by 10 am Tuesday, contact Beth:

Andrew Holland
Caity Glover
Carli Hamilton
Colin Malette
Daniel Maskas
Eric Skoglund
Eric Shaffer
Jacob Duby
Jessica Dee
Joey T
Julie Harris
Kyle Domek
Laura Millar
Lauren Friedman
Lo Dillon
Meredythe Leonard
Michael DeRosa
Molly Flood
Patrice Doherty
Sarah Wenrich
Victoria Gill
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