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Alumni News

Updates on folks who have worked with Actorsingers

This page carries news from and about those Actorsingers who have moved out of the area, are away at school, have retired from active participation, etc. If you're an Actorsingers alum, or interested in learning about what others are up to, why not drop us a line? You can send e-mail to When you do, please indicate whether we should or should not post your e-mail address along with your message. And to all of you out there: Thanks for your help in the past, and best wishes on what you're doing today!

Correspondence received

(most recent is at the top)

From: Bonnie Watts
Subj: alumni
Sent: Wed 08/11/04


I was looking for anyone that was active during the early 70's that might have been in Fiddler on the Roof. My father and step-mother were in that play along with a couple more. My father is back in town and I was just looking for him for some long lost friends.

My father's name is Harry McDaniel and my step mother's then was Patty Mayo.

Thank you,

Bonnie Watts

you may post my email address, the one listed under my name.

From: Denis
Subj: new email
Sent: Sat 07/31/04

Need to update my email:
Playing bass in the pit of "Charlie Brown" this month... oh, the seeds you sowed!

Denis Drobinski
66 Lowell St
South Portland, ME 04106

From: Wendi Murphy
Subj: Shannon Murphy
Sent: Tue 02/24/04


Our daughter, Shannon Murphy, is still enjoying college theater. However, now she is enjoying it much more after her transfer to New York University. She is currently in her 3rd year there, and finding herself totally immersed both in the theater world and the big city. She is in the Strasberg studio and is looking forward to spending the summer in New York this year. This will be the summer of trying to make a few things connect before her last year at NYU. It's been a long time since her first show as a Munchkin with the Actorsingers!

Wendi Murphy

From: Marie C. Cotterman
Subj: Greetings from Marie and Bob Cotterman
Sent: Sun 9/28/03

Found actorsingers outstanding web site and now hear this. So good to know that your still doing you great shows in Nashua. Penny and Al Tamulonis and John and Raelene Lilfiberg Hi and Hugs all around. Still think about Marie doing Bloody Mary in South Pacific and the Reno Sweeney role in Anything Goes. Those were great days and we ill never forget them. Marie is still singing to anyone who will still listen and wqe are active and well and enjoying life in Scotts Valley,CA. Hope someone sees this and gets in touch with us. Marie's e-mail is and Bob's is

- - - -

I sent you a message and then forgot to tell you that it was okay to share with everyone so please do it now. Hi Penny and Al Tamulonis . Can"t believe we are still on this beautiful earth enjoying life. Hope to hear from all who might remember us. Love Marie and Bob Cotterman.

From: Tim Myette
Subj: (none)
Sent: Fri 07/04/03

Hi Everyone...

I'm Tim Myette and I was in a number of your productions in the early 70's... My hair is not as long and a little grayer! ha ha ha It was great to see some of the neat stuff of yesteryear. I have some wonderful memories of the "Actorsingers" and like soooo many actors it was a very difficult time of my life! I hope all is well and that some of your readers that I worked with will write to me. E-mail: put "Actorsingers" in the subject area as I am very cautious about opening e-mails. Have a wonderful season and "break a leg!"

From: Steve Link
Subj: 1983 and still kickin'
Sent: Sun 05/11/03

Good day to the Nashua ActorSingers! It is exciting to review your web site and see all the fantabulous things you have done since I enjoyed my first musical performance (beyond the chorus of HMS Pinafore in 1958!) in 1983 as Joe Cable. It was a very moving experience for me to work with so many dedicated and enthusiastic people to realize a truly entertaining show. Since moving to Ohio. I have been very happy with the Loveland Stage Company (just outside of Cincinnati Ohio) where I was first cast in a dream role, Arthur in Camelot (1997?) which was my second musical!

Five years later I was selected to become Capt. vonTrapp starring with my wife, Barbara Rugen, as Elsa. What wonderful experiences with so many fabulous people in cast and crew! I sent the video of our The Sound of Music to Barry Bonner (your My Fair Lady 1992) a very dear friend who is no longer with us. He was struggling so with chemotherapy at the time. My very vivid recollections of Moe Coutu as Billis and Patricia Stanhope as Nellie will stay with me always - along with the perfect portrayal of Bloody Mary and Nancy's lovely dancing as Liat. What a powerful group, what a happy audience.

I will be blessed to turn 60 this year and, in February, returned to my 1958 roots in the chorus of another Gilbert & Sullivan joy - I was a rowdy but noble Penzance pirate. GREAT FUN! Next month I will be on stage again with Barbara for Jerry's Girls in which we will do "I Won't Send Roses" and finally to the drag queen phase of my career in the La Cage number! When asked if I would be okay with that assignment my reply was my overall approach to entertaining, "If the audience is happy, I am happy."

Break a leg!
Steve Link

From: Jeffrey Goumas
Subj: Hey there!!!
Sent: Fri 01/24/03


This is Jeff!! How are things in chilly, snowy NH (here we just have the snow).

So, this was definitely a good move. Love the job...good mix of challenge and creativity. I'm working on state books (K-5) for Social Studies for California. Big states like that demand their own books. What's nice about CA is that, unlike other states, where making a "new series" involves just looking over the old program (C) 2002 and throwing in some state-specific stuff here and there (there are a handful of people working on 11 different state books), California is PICKY PICKY PICKY. That means that we (just two of us) get to design a brand new program. Innovation is STRESSED--how cool is that?

In other news (you'll like this), I'm doing Barnum at a local community theatre. This one is a tad bit different than ours, however. We have hired a circus company in Chicago to TRAIN US! We've been tumbling and juggling like crazy. Barnum will be walking the tight rope and I will be juggling pins and such (not that I've juggled before, mind you) as well as throwing people up onto my shoulders to stand on top of me. I will also be on (drum roll please) the trapeze, dangling from my legs and spinning some poor girl around praying that I don't drop her...quite the visual, huh? Actually, I worked on the trapeze for the first time last night and it ain't that bad...sorta fun, actually. Fun enough that I told the people I work w/ that they'd better be good to me or I might consider another career change :0) In any event, they are pulling out all the stops (and the waivers) for this one; it should be pretty interesting.

Anyway, hope the family is well...say hello for me. Any news from Nashua??

Oh yah, by the way, my new address here in Chicago is 822 W. Roscoe Street, Chicago, IL 60657. If you could send that along to Schneider that would be great...I'll pay her my $10, I promise!!

Alrighty. Well, need to get back to work. Look forward to hearing from you...

:0) Jeff

From: Wayne Tomacchio (
Subj: Cheers to old friends
Sent: Tue 10/15/02

Hello everyone. WOW, it has been a very long time since i have spoken to everyone.

i first joined Actorsingers (auditioned) for Guys and Dolls. It was my very first play and i remember how important it was to me. the rehearsing, and rehearsing, and REHEARSING......LOL

Of course 5 days before opening night... i fall off a ladder and break my leg. It was then i found a group of people who were and are the most supportive and caring group of inividuals i have ever met. Well i was able to still perform on opening night. It was the best feeling in the world to be on the stage.

so it was GUYS AND DOLLS, HELLO DOLLY, THE WIZ, AND GREASE. Although i was only in chorus, my fondest memories were at Actorsingers. Finding this website, has allowed me to look back at some of the fun times.

Hopefully it will allow some of us to stay in touch. I now reside in the San francisco Bay area. California is great and no i don't miss the snow. Also my career has taken me into the Bio-Medical field. Reasearch and all that scientific stuff..... Feel free to write if you remember me it would be great to hear from everyone...... who knows maybe a reunion someday.... (id fly home for that)

All my love and best wishes to a wonderful group.

Thank You for all the great memories.
feel free to post my email address...

From: Catherine Andruskevich
Subj: FW: Mark the Date!! TNC, 12 Plays and Moises Kaufman!
Sent: Tue 09/24/02

More stuff from one of our alums...

As you can see from the following, Carl is at it again with a new play - "The Cuticle Killers" ! ! !

-----Original Message-----
From: []
Sent: Tuesday, September 24, 2002 1:17 PM
Subject: Mark the Date!! TNC, 12 Plays and Moises Kaufman!

Just wanted to fill you in on a benefit coming up next week which will feature an excerpt from my new play,
performed by Sekiya Billman and Cindy Cheung
with Rick Hip-Flores on piano

THE CUTICLE KILLERS is an irreverent and satiric comedy set in New York City's present day China Town, and concerns two down on their luck back-up singers, Tina Tanaka and Renee Fawn Hong, who, after causing an international incident (while on tour with Belinda Carlisle in Taiwan), are left with no choice but to become hired undercover assassins for an Asian Tong (or mafia) in the Fancy-Pants Spa and Nail Salon on Mott Street. They provide special services for underworld undesirables, such as the "hot-prussic acid bikini wax" or the "switchblade manicure" until one day, Tina unwittingly falls in love with one of her victims and resolves to spare his life and change her ways. Four actors will bring to life the many characters who cross the paths of our heroines as they strive to overcome shady, back-alley violence, familial disharmony and Asian-American interracial intolerance while searching for the perfect emery board.

Carl Andress

and the preview will be showcased at:


Hosted by award-winning Writer/Director

Monday, September 30, 2002

[event details deleted]

From: Catherine Andruskevich
Subj: NY International Fringe Festival
Sent: Tue 07/30/02

[attached message is here]

Hi, Jed!

Here's the latest on Carl's production company, and his play, which was selected from over 800 entries for this festival. It would be great if you could pass this on throughout the community theatre world... Also, there are some tidbits in his website about new projects the company is working on, including his writing of a one-woman show for Daisy Egan (the Tony-winning original Mary Lenox in "The Secret Garden").

Thanks and keep cool... Cza

From: Denis Drobinski
Subj: Alum
Sent: Tue 07/16/02

What a shock to find myself (and my sister) in your web page. I was checking to see if my own web page referenced my name and I came up with your page! I have years of great production photos from Finian's Rainbow, Student Prince, Mame, Anything Goes, Guys & Dolls etc from the 60's. It was such fun to see the names of so many people I worked with and cast-partied with. I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Denis Drobinski [address updated 8/13/04]

From: Jeremy Catland
Subj: hey its jeremy
Sent: Sat 07/06/02

hello all, just came across this site and it's alright. Jed you missed the 1982 Jr. Actorsingers production aof The Wizard of Oz. I was the wizard, how can you forget? anyway I'm here in NYC, surviving loving life. Just finished a workshop of a new show, hope it will go up in the fall, been on some national tours, international tours and am happy. Hope everyone else is as well. Who remembers the R.T. newsletter (Oliver 85).?
Take care all.

Jeremy Catland

From: Maureen Keller
Subj: Intermission Dip
Sent: Mon 05/06/02

Hi Jed

For the back stage gang who sucked down and raved about the 7 layer dip I made for intermission Saturday night, they can get the recipe here:

Seven Layer Dip 
1 - 8 oz. can refried beans
3-4 ripe avocados
1 tbsp. lemon juice
1 packet taco seasoning
1 cup sour cream
1/2 cup mayonaise
1-2 medium tomatoes, chopped
1 can sliced olives
1/2 onion, chopped
2-3 cups shredded, mild cheddar cheese 

1. Spread refried beans onto a large platter
2. Peel and mash avocados. Add lemon juice to
   avacados and spread over the beans.
3. In a bowl, mix taco seasoning, sour cream,
   and mayonaise. Spread over avacado mixture.
4. Sprinkle on tomatoes.
5. Sprinkle on onions.
6. Sprinkle on drained sliced olives.
7. Cover with shredded cheddar cheese. 

Dip is best if chilled for 1-2 hours before
serving. Serve with your favorite nacho chips. 

A pleasure to work on your show

From: Wendy Mahoney (
Subj: Hi from an old alum!!
Sent: Thu 11/01/01

Hi from Wendy Mahoney - some of you folks may remember me from days'd usually find me behind the piano, although I spent some time in other roles as well. I joined Actorsingers way back in 1974 and worked on productions through the 1980s. In 1996 I relocated to Oakland CA where I still reside. Of course there's plenty of theater out here, including community, but I've been a spectator instead of a participant. I'm preparing to go back to college (again!) which will actually give me more free time for a while and I hope to get involved once again. If there's anyone out there who would like to say hi...please do!!


From: Brad Shepard (
Subj: Hello from Western Mass and Brad Shepard
Sent: Wed 10/24/01

What a terrific website, and a delight to stumble across while circumventing cyberspace! Can it really be about a decade since I trod the acotrsingers boards? Guess so! And though i've stayed active in theater and a performer in general, the Actorsingers still holds a warm place in my heart. (As does last night's chilli).

Very happy memories are associated with seven season's worth of shows in Nashua, from Sky Masterson to Julian Marsh, and many roles in between! Have finished a seven year stint in the morning on Springfield, Ma radio, and am generally free lancing at the moment doing voice overs (If you see or hear Hinsdale Racetrack spot on TV or radio--it's me doing the amped up announcing!) and even on the concert stage, as i join forces with two other gentleman to form a gentle send-up of the Three Tenors...we are The Three Baritones! It's a joy to sing stuff from Broadway and opera, pop tunes too, and get paid for it! Doing occaisional stand-up as well, and have had the pleasure of "opening" for Jackie Mason, and the Late Steve Allen (he was alive at the time). Been active in some revues , and worked in WILL ROGERS FOLLIES and CHICAGO! Off to Boston for an audition tomorrow, but sending out good wishes to all Actorsingers who might remember me! You can email me at

Miss being a part of your productions, but proud to be part of the history!

Brad Shepard

From: Wendi Murphy
Subj: re:Shannon Murphy College news
Sent: Tue 10/02/01


Just thought I would let people know that our daughter, Shannon Murphy, is well and getting ready to battle another winter at school in SUNY Fredonia!! (a 40 minute drive PAST Buffalo, NY!!)

She is currently a Sophomore in Musical Theatre, and loving it. This coming weekend, some of us are traveling all the way out to the shores of lake Erie to watch her perform in a one-woman play about the last night of Marie Antoinette, alone in her cell, contemplating the guillotine that the morning would bring. It's been a long time since we watched her in her first show with Actorsingers, as a Munchkin in Wizard of Oz!

In December, we return to Fredonia to see her as the ANGEL in Angels in America, Parts One and Two. What fun for us to see her so totally immersed in the world she loves...

Wendi Murphy

From: Erin Hadley
Subj: Re: How's It Going?
Sent: Thu 09/20/01

Hey there!

Well, I survived the whole WTC bombing, I was not in Manhattan that day. I am currently living in Queens and studying at the Circle in the Square Theatre School on Broadway. It's a fantastic conservatory program and I absolutely love it! I graduated from Adelphi University in the spring with my degree in music.

I would write more, but I am insanely busy. I hope all is well with the Actorsingers. Please send my best to everyone. Stay in touch!

Much love, ERiN

From: Patricia Thomas
Subj: From a very old member.... please post
Sent: Tue 08/28/01

My name is Patricia Florio Thomas. I was a member of actorsingers along with my father, John Florio and my mother Myra Florio from 1972 thru 1979. I am currently living in Seattle Washington, my mon is in Atlanta Ga. Being part of the Actorsingers organization was some of the best memories I have. I still look at the pictures from the porformances I was involved in and miss those times very much. I was very glad to see that the community has carried on with this tradition. Thanks for the good times.....


Subj: Hi there!
Sent: Sun 08/26/01

I would like this posted on the website.

This is Karen Goodno! Some of you guys might remember me from "Meet Me in St Louis", "Barnum", "Damn Yankees", "Sound of Music" and a number of the kid shows. I am going into my senior year at Hofstra University, as a theater major. I was thinking of Actorsingers because I am currently doing my second production of "Meet Me In St. Louis"!! Love to everyone! My email is

From: Catherine Andruskevich
Subj: THAT'S MY BOY!!!
Sent: Tue 08/21/01

[Attached is an e-mail from Carl (ne Andruskevich) Andress detailing his new production company, "The Bird Circuit."]

Carl is an actor/writer/director/designer who lives and works in The Big Apple. Someday he may even make a LIVING at it!

I hope you read not only the Jim Caruso article, but also the piece on, which Carl wrote for his business plan submission to the Circum-Arts Foundation and which was accepted in the first go-'round!

If I had any buttons, they'd be busting!!!

Mother with Bragging Rights!

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Tuesday, August 07, 2001 7:20 PM
Subject: Whoa! Check it out...!

Please take a moment and log onto and click on the "Jim Prying!" column. Jim features me in a little interview in his column this week. (Aug. 6-12) I'm last, so scroll all the way down!

For those that don't know, I began a new theatre company with Warren Friedman this spring called The Bird Circuit, and our first production will be a play I've written called, "It's Not My Fault, It Was On Fire When I Got There." The show will be performed by myself and Marcy McGuigan at Theatre for the New City from Sept. 27 - Oct. 14. More information on that will be forthcoming. For now, you can learn about The Bird Circuit, and the show, by logging onto

Please pass the info on! Hope you are well!

Best regards,
Carl Andress

From: DeJulios
Subj: news
Sent: Sun 06/17/01

Just some news of interest. Liz DeJulio, Erin Yunes(fiddler), Kevin Letourneau(grease) all graduated from Pinkerton Academy on Friday afternoon June 15. It was a very hot and humid day. Liz and Erin along with two of their classmates had the honor of singing the national Anthem. It was beautiful.

Liz's Mom

From: Lizzie Burrows
Subj: Abby
Sent: Wed 01/24/01
Attachment: Autobiography.doc

Hi I'm Lizzie Burrows (last year I played Pinocchio),

I'm writing to remind everyone of the awful happenings of last year. January 26th will be the aniversary of Abby Hall's death. It effects all of the cast of last year and anyone that knew her. I know I will light a candle for her in my window and remember her and her mother's strenghth through all of everything. I have included a story that I wrote last year of what happened and how it effected me and I'd be sooo happy if you shared it with everyone. No one should forget her smile or her song.

"Weave, weave, weave me the sunshine out of the falling rain.
weave me the hope of a new tomorrow and shine on me again."

I know I can't be a part of the cast of this year's winter play but I'll definately go see everyone perform and I know you'll all do a great job.

From: Stephen F. Dunhom
Subj: Hello from Seacoast NH!
Sent: Thu 01/25/01

Hi Jed, et al.

I thought I'd drop a line to my "old" friends in the Nashua theatre circut.

This year, after a 7 year run at the University of NH, the sometimes thrilling, sometimes chilling, but always exciting show "My Degree" will finally come to a close. (And the winner is: Theatre, Technical Emphasis).

Over that span, I have gotten married and now have a bouncing baby boy, Patrick. You can go to and see all the pix of this heartbreaker!

I've done more shows in Portsmouth over the past few years than UNH, with my last one being a very successful (in all senses of the word) production of Sylvia at the Player's Ring theatre. As usual I produced, but it was my directorial debut (Directing class REALLY paid off). Yes, you too can blow money in theatre and reap the rewards. Actually, I had great returns and we all shared a piece of pie on that one. (It was blueberry, actually).

Anyhow, I am now employed full time at UNH. (Been here so long, they figured I was qualified to work here). I am a manager of a testing lab for network hardware. (It's called the UNH InterOperability Laboratory, for all you geeks who might know what it is...).

Once my son is a little older (7 months going on 17 years), and I am more secure in my marital bliss, I will return triumphantly to the theatre to act, sing, and dance, produce and direct once more. When and where, I am not sure. But I ALWAYS respond to calls for parts (hint, hint, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say NO more!).

I'd love to hear from anyone back there! I've seen the names in the recent cast lists, and I'm happy to see there are some that I still recognize! My home e-mail address is

Break a leg everybody!

Stephen Dunhom (Mame, Singin' in the Rain, and My Fair Lady)

From: Ellie Morrill
Sent: Wed 12/27/00

Hi Jed and All -

Just a note to tell you I have not left the face of the earth - just a little busy until November of 2001 - then I'll be back, looking to take part in the best theater in Southern NH -ACTORSINGERS, of course!

Miss everyone mucho mucho, and I'll keep dropping by to do what I can when I can, but it will be fall before I can fill out a form to try for Music Director of a play or for Junior Actorsingers - but I WILL BE BACK!! Keep up the great work in the meantime!!!

Love to all!!
May the Lord watch between me and thee while we apart, one from another:
At this special season, and all through the year. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

From: Valerie Psoinos (
Subj: hi everyone!
Sent: Fri 8/25/00

hey everyone. this is valerie psoinos. i was checking out the webpage today and i figured i would send out an email to say hi! i miss actorsingers SOOOO much you have no idea. i am now entering my junior year at UNH. its great! i am in a female a cappella group up here. its terrific! i hope to hear back from anyone soon. hope all is well with everyone. keep in touch!


From: Sharon Chabot
Subj: My Dad would love this...thank you!
Sent: Fri 6/16/00

Hello to all,

What a wonderful site, and as Harry Strickland's daughter, I must thank you. The postings of the original shows and life members is great and it was such a wonderful treat for me to be able to look at his name and remember the joy that this organization brought him.

To see his name posted along with the names of those dear friends that he loved and worked alongside, Warren Tomasian, Betty Tamulonis, Kay Goranson, Marcelle Houle, Joe Millett, Bud's really wonderful and brought back great memories for me.

It is good to see that the Actorsinger's are still going strong and doing well.

Again, thank you for this source of wonderfully fond memories!

Sharon Strickland-Chabot

From: Mike Wright (
Subj: Hi!
Sent: Tue 6/6/00

I am a former member of Actorsingers. I played Capt. Hook in the production of PETER PAN back in the '80's. I also played Frank in MACK AND MABEL. My name is Mike Wright. I didn't recognize any names on the current member list or the Alumni board but then I have always been TERRIBLE with names. I used to hang with Dan Clay and Jeremy (what's his last name??-I told you I was terrible with names!!) I am currently living in Vermont and teaching 1st Grade. I would love to hear from people who might have been in a show I did. You can put my email up!

From: Monica Charpentier (
Subj: Can you post this for me?
Sent: Fri 4/21/00

Hi everyone! If this gets on the site before April 30, 2000, that would be great. I am listed with an actor support web site that is running a contest for some really cool computer/video stuff to help independent artists showcase their work, further careers, etc. It's all based on voting. Would you vote for me? Just go to and enter the voting section. I'm listed under "Performer" and my ID is "charmoni". Any actors out there might want to check this site out. It's launching right now, but their plans look neat for what they intend to provide to the artists. Thanks very much!

Monica Charpentier

From: Sue Chanen (
Subj: From San Fran
Sent: Wed 2/24/00

Hi all!!!

For those of you that don't know, I got offered a job in the San Francisco Bay area, and I accepted and moved out here already. It went really quick. I just got here, got my apartment, and started work.

I'm working as a Software Developer at Vertigo Software and I'm going to be put on a project at - check it out. It's neat - some restaurants are connected up and with this web site you can make REAL TIME reservations in Boston.

Anyway, the trip out here was interesting. I got a flat tire in the middle of the desert - out in nowhere-land, and I have one of those baby tire spares. My Dad drove out with me, so we changed the tire and drove 50 miles till we saw a sign of civilization. Luckily, we found some joe schmoe dealer who happened to have a tire he could sell us, and it went very well. Then we got here, and as I was driving over some train tracks, a piece of metal got stuck in one of my other tires and blew that one. My dad was still here, so he got it fixed while I went to work. <<phew>>

I have a little kitty cat, and she went along with us in the car. I wasn't supposed to bring her in the hotels, but what was I supposed to do?? So one time on the way we stopped at Las Vegas and got a hotel for 3 days on the first floor. Well, apparently, when we were out gambling, Kitty decided to sit in the window the whole time. A maintenence guy spotted her and almost had us kicked out of the room. Luckily, he didn't spot her till right when we were about to check out anyway.

So now, I have no furniture. The movers screwed up, and my furniture's coming a week late. It's not coming till Saturday. I had had a puny little twin bed, so I had planned on getting a queen bed anyway; so the first day I was here, I bought a queen bed. That's the ONLY piece of furniture in my house. So there's me, Kitty, and the bed. And the fireplace, which I haven't figured out how to work yet. <hee hee>

I babysat for the boss's kid last night. He was all apologetic and said he had never asked an employee to do that before, and please don't feel like I had to just cause he was my boss and all that. They paid me and gave me a plant. The kid was really cute, and was a terror, kind of, but really no big deal. At least I didn't have to change his diapers.

Well, I guess that's it for now. I don't have a computer at home, cause that's part of what the movers have. I'm supposed to be getting that on Saturday, and the guy is supposed to come on Tuesday to install a Cable Modem so I can get back up on the internet.

Well, I probably should go do some work. I'll talk to you all soon. Please feel free to write me here in work if you'd like.

Sue Chanen

From: Kate Bliss (
Subj: Hey everybody!
Sent: Wed 2/23/00

Hey everybody!

My name is Kate Bliss, and I'm an alum of Actorsingers and Jr. Actorsingers. I'm currently a junior writing, literature, and publishing major and public relations minor at Emerson College in Boston. It's been such a long time since I have talked to any of you, I hope you are all doing well. I am so impressed with this website! What a great way to showcase Actorsingers! Keep up the good work! If any of you out there remember me ;-) feel free to drop me a line!

From: Monica Charpentier (
Subj: Hello and update from Monica Charpentier
Sent: Thu 7/29/99

Hello! I finally got myself to visit the Official Actorsingers website. It's great! You really should try to dig up more photos from previous productions. It was fun looking at the ones from Guys and Dolls. We take all kinds of photos backstage but I hardly ever get to see them! Anyway, I wanted to drop a line to say that although I was hoping to be involved with "The King and I", my existing commitments will prevent me from doing so. My theatre group out of Bedford is repeating "Bethlehem's Big Night" this December and I am on board as the choreographer and a dancer. We will be putting up 4 confirmed shows, 6 possible, at this time in 2 or 3 venues, which is a bit more than our 2 last year. Then in January we begin work on "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" which will go up in June with 6 performances in 2 venues. I have already received a couple of calls regarding Fall 2000 work, but I think it's a little early to commit myself. I'm going to have to crash this summer after 10 solid months of rehearsals and shows. My regards to whoever reads this that I know. I miss working with the great Actorsingers group, but hopefully the next year will pass quickly and I'll get to be back on stage with y'all again. Keep on singing, dancing and acting. You guys know how to do it so well!

Monica Charpentier
(Alumnus of "Molly Brown" and "Guys and Dolls")

P.S. You have my permission to publish this if you think it will be interesting enough for anyone to read.

From: Stephen Ahearn
Subj: Hey guys!
Sent: Sat 7/17/99

This is a great website! My name is Stephen Ahearn. Some of you might remember me! haha! Well, I graduated from Emerson College in Boston in May with a BFA degree in Acting. Since then I got a job with Broadway In Boston (We own the Colonial, Wilbur theatre, and the Charles Playhouse). We bring in Broadway National tours into Boston. I work in the group sales Department. I got offered a national tour of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD that starts in September. I will be playing Jem. I am waiting to hear how much I get, which will determine if I take the job or not. If I don't take it, I will hopefully be going on tour starting next July with UP WITH PEOPLE. I am sure everyone and their cousin has heard of that so I won't bother everyone by explaining what it is! I miss ActorSingers a great deal! I have yet to find a theatre group down here in Boston. that has the same "family" atmosphere as ActorSingers does. I hope I can make some future shows. If anyone ever wants house seats for any shows at the Colonial, Wilbur, or the Charles Playhouse(this is where Blue Man Group is playing) let me know. I would be happy to do it. My e-mail address is Hope to see all of you soon!

Stephen Ahearn

From: Susan Koczarski
Subj: (no subject)
Sent: Mon 6/28/99

Shawn Koczarski, will be transfering this fall to Belmont University in Nashville Tenn. He will be a junior and continuing his major in Musical Theatre.

From: ML White
Subj: HI (from a former member of the crew)
Sent: Fri 5/14/99

I was surfing the Web when I found this site. Its quite interesting. I worked on the productions of 42nd St, Mame and Singing in the Rain as well as with the Jr. Actorsingers. I am glad to see that you guys are still keeping up the good work. In case any one remembers me, you can tell them that I'm working on my MFA in Stage Management at the University of Cincinnati, College-Conservatory of Music. I really enjoyed my few year with the compnay and wish you all the best of luck.

Meagan L. White

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