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Updated September 15, 2003

So you want to be in a show?

Thanks for your interest! Actorsingers auditions are open to the public, and we welcome newcomers! While we do require that those cast in our shows become dues paying members of the organization before appearing onstage, it is not necessary to be a member before auditioning.

Upcoming auditions are listed on the main page of our website at

Those who have not worked with Actorsingers before should take special note of our Information Nights. For practically every show we do, we hold an "Info Night" prior to the first night of auditions. The Info Night -- announced on this website and in Nashua area newspapers -- is an opportunity for anyone interested in auditioning to meet with the show's directors to learn about the show and about the auditioning process. Any questions you might have about the characters that are called for, the amount of dancing if any, the rehearsal schedule, etc., can be asked at Info Night.

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