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Helping out backstage

Updated April 16, 2003 Just a few of the folks who built the "floating metropolis" in 2002

Thanks for your interest!

Actorsingers productions require the time and talents of numerous backstage workers... builders, painters, costumers, technicians, publicists, organizers, ushers, and many other folks are needed to put on one of our shows.

If you haven't worked with us before, here are ideas on how to get involved:

Information Night. For practically every show we do, we hold an "Info Night" prior to the first night of auditions. Whenever you see Actorsingers auditions announced (such as on the main page of this website, or in Nashua area newspapers), you should find announcement of the Info Night. Although it might seem as though the Info Night is just for those people who plan to audition to perform onstage, in fact we are always welcoming new backstage people too. Info Night is a good chance to meet the producer and directors for the show at hand.

Contact the Producer. For each show, the producer is the person who organizes committees and recruitment efforts. That's the best person for you to contact to volunteer your efforts. If you see a producer's name on this website, but you can't find an e-mail address or telephone number for that person, then it's a big oversight on our webmaster's part -- in that case please write me (Jed) at and I'll put you in touch with the right person!

Again, thanks for your interest. We hope to enjoy the chance to work together.

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