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Actorsingers Bylaws

This area of the website contains the latest known bylaws of the corporation, organized for quick access, with care taken to preserve the exact contents. Due to the informal process by which the website is maintained, however, this presentation of the bylaws cannot be considered authoritative. Anyone with need to read the official authoritative reference should contact the president or corresponding secretary of the organization.


As adopted at Special Meetings of the General Membership
held March 22 and 31, 1977.

To go into effect April 1, 1977.

As amended at June 9, 1997
General Membership Annual Meeting.

Further amended June 11, 2001
General Membership Annual Meeting.

Article I Name, Location, Corporate Seal
Article II Powers, Functions and Dissolution
Article III Purposes and Objectives
Article IV Membership
Article V Dues
Article VI Fiscal
Article VII Patrons/Subscribers
Article VIII Officers, Terms, Duties
Article IX Committees and Duties
Article X Advisory Board
Article XI Policy and Procedures
Article XII Meetings
Article XIII Official Publication
Article XIV Junior Actorsingers
Article XV Amendments, Alterations, Repeal
Addendum Definitions

Use this link to get All Bylaws as a Microsoft Word document.

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