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Updated January 23, 2012

The 2012 Jr. Actorsingers show will be Stuart Little, a musical based on the beloved E.B. White children's classic. The Jr. show is for actors in grades 3-8.

Performances at Janice B. Streeter Theatre, 14 Court St, Downtown Nashua NH
Friday, March 9 at 7:00pm
Saturday, March 10 at 2:00pm and 7:00pm
Sunday, March 11 at 2:00pm
(Four performances only)

Tickets Now Available

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Or, tickets will also be sold directly through our box office... details will be forthcoming to cast families (by email) and/or by updates to this web page.

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Cast List

Characters and cast list

Narrators: Lauren Ritter (Act 1), Naomi Goodman (Act 1), Chelsea Columbus (Act2), Zarah Durst (Act 2)

Stuart Little, a mouse: Peter Murphy

Mr. Little, Stuart's father: Ben Gorelick

Mrs. Little, Stuart's mother: Becca Holland

George, Stuart's brother: Cayden Plummer

Neighbors: Delany Weimer, Lizzie Eagelston, Kira Lavoie, Mary Grabowski, Peyton Fisher, Hailey Sullivan, Joshua Booth, Meghan Corban, Alba Clement, Adam Lavoie, Kathleen Laramie

Doctor: Calley Goulet

Snowbell, the Littles' cat: Sammy O'Neil

Dogs (2): Darcy Hinkle (dog 1), Delany Weimer (dog2)

Women with Newspaper: Kira Lavoie

Passengers: Samantha Parks (pass 1), Kelly Frasca (pass 2), Juliann Risteen (pass 3), Meghan Corban (pass 4), maybe adding 1 more passenger.

Bus Driver: Hailey Sullivan

Dr. Carey, a dentist: Joshua Booth

Leroy, a Bully: Shae Roe

Referee: Emily Tibbitts

Spectators: Chelsea Columbus, Zarah Durst, Darcy Hinkle, Delany Weimer, Benjamin Tabey, Emily Tibbitts, Lizzie Eagelston, Kira Lavoie, Mary Grabowski, Peyton Fisher, Alba Clement, Adam Lavoie

Reporter: Meghan Corban

Margalo, a bird: Selena Miller

Zeke, a trash man: Mikayla Colburn

Hank, a trash man: Mary Grabowski

Malty, a cat: Maddie Kutchta

Babette, a cat: Nicole Plummer

Tige, a cat: Emily Risteen

Angie, a cat: Shae Roe

Kitty Cat Chorus: Devony Whiting, Juliann Risteen, Hannah Patenaude, Jasmine Javanbokht

Pigeon: Grace Morton

Mr. Clydesdale, a dental patient: Peyton Fisher

Miss Swenson, a dental assistant: Alba Clement

Automobile Drivers: TBA I am looking for a few smaller people that have child size powered cars that they can drive on stage.

Storekeeper: Lauren Ritter

Shoppers: Cayden Plummer, Jasmine Javanbokht, Kathleen Laramie Emily Tibbitts, Grace Morton, Mikayla Colburn, Sammy O'Neil, Samantha Parks, Zarah Durst, Lizzie Eagelston

Harriet Ames, a girl about Stuart's size: Devon Kuchta

River Creatures: Adam Lavoie (Lead River Creature), Naomi Goodman, Calley Goulet, Nicole Plummer, Selena Miller, Hannah Patenaude, Emily Risteen, Maddie Kutchta, Juliann Risteen, Becca Holland, Ben Gorelick, Lexi Jones-Guillemette ,

School Superintendent: Kira Lavoie

School Children: Hannah Patenaude (Katherine), Benjamin Tabey (Chad Football Captain),Kelly Frasca(child #1), Devon Kuchta (child #2), Joshua Booth (child #3), Grace Morton (child #4), Emily Tibbitts (child #5), Peyton Fisher (Henry Rackmeyer), Cayden Plummer, Meghan Corban (child #6),

Telephone Repairman: Devony Whiting

In addition to the parts listed there will be a company number at the end of the show that everyone will be in. I haven't decided what I will do with the opening company number yet. Please try to be flexible throughout the rehearsal process. I may have to switch a few parts around if some scenes are too close together or costume changes can't be done fast enough. I took my time and I thought long and hard how I could use all of this overwhelming talent that I saw at the auditions and call backs! You ALL did a fabulous job and I couldn't be more proud! Thank you for being patient as I made this list. As you can see it was a lot to figure out and I had to be careful not to put people in scenes that would conflict with other scenes. See you all tomorrow and CONGRATULATIONS!

The show dates are March 9-11.

If you have any questions, please contact the producer, Amy Friedman, at

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