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2001 web log

Just in case this information will ever be useful to someone... the following items appeared on the main page of the Actorsingers website in 2001. Note that any links on this page--even links internal to the Actorsingers website--will be obsolete and may not lead to anything useful.

Dec 19 Posted the 2002-2003 season. Info is here.

Dec 4 A beautiful memorial service was held this morning for Barry Bonner, who passed away on November 30. Barry was a fine musician, a loyal Actorsinger, a wonderful friend to so many people. He is remembered fondly. Our thoughts are with his loving wife Alene and the whole family, including the one that's on the way: Best wishes on your granddaughter who is expected later this month!

Nov 11 To pit singers, dancers, the line, technical and production crews, orchestra, and directors: Congratulations on a stupendous production of A Chorus Line.

Nov 5 News from alums Brad Shepard and Wendy Mahoney. Look here.

Nov 2 Some of our members in other local shows. Look here.

Oct 24 Our deepest sympathies to the family of Andy Morrison who died Saturday morning in his sleep. He was the priest in our Fiddler on the Roof and the gray haired, bearded gentleman in On the Town.

Oct 2 Alumni news: Shannon Murphy college report. Look here.

Updated Sept 26 Alive and well: The following Actorsingers, who live and work in NYC, are reported to be safe: Stephen Ahearn, Carl (ne Andruskevich) Andress, Alex Decaneas, Lisa Frechette, Erin Hadley, Tony Salamone, Shawn Tumpney. The Carl Andress comedy It's Not My Fault, It Was On Fire When I Got There opens tomorrow in NYC (info at Theater for the New City website).

Sept 12 I am very sorry to report that Graham Berkeley, who played violin in our "The King and I" (1999), died in yesterday's tragedy. He was aboard one of the planes from Boston. We extend our sympathies to Graham's family and friends. E-mail from his employer is here.

August 30 Of interest to Actorsingers current and past: Did you know that we have an alumni news department? The link to it is on the left, under Departments. I received letters this month from Patricia Florio Thomas and Karen Goodno, and a writeup from CZA on Carl (ne Andruskevich) Andress and his current theatrical projects in New York. Carl is to be honored in September with recognition from the Jordan Foundation as an "Emerging Playwright." Look here.

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