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Cannibal Cast


Alferd Packer -- Robbie Hyde

Shannon Wilson Bell -- Austin Dionne

Polly Pry -- Patrice Doherty

Lianne -- Lara Hyde

Frenchy Cabazon -- Laura Millar

Indian Chief -- Brianna Arico

Frank Miller -- Logan Higgins

James Humphrey -- Sam Campanella

Israel Swan -- Colin Malette

George Noon -- Phil Laks

O.D. Loutzenheiser --  Hailey Sullivan

Preston Nutter -- Carolyn Scalia

Sheriff/Judge/Indian -- Heather McCormack

Jesus/Humphrey's Dad -- Connor Forbes

Noon's Dad/Mr. Mills -- John Thornton

Cyclops -- Alex DelGreco

Doomed Guy/Squaw/Tiny Tim -- Sara Landry

The General Store Owner/Indian 1 -- Alleah Rosatano

Alien/Indian 2 -- Katherine Maddox



Snow Dancers

Colin Malette

Lara Hyde

Katherine Maddox

Bri Arico

Patrice Doherty

Hailey Sullivan

Alleah Rosatano


Dream Ballet Dancers

Robbie Hyde

Heather McCormack

Lara Hyde

Laura Millar

Carolyn Scalia

Sara Landry

Bri Arico

Hailey Sullivan

Alleah Rosatano


Cast members, please look for an invite to a FaceBook group for the Cast and Crew!
Congratulations to All!
A HUGE thank you to all who auditioned and to all that helped at the auditions!


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