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Marian Paroo in The Music Man

Caity Jeanne Glover, from Manchester, plays Marian Paroo in The Music Man, her very first show with Actorsingers!  Caity has always wanted to play Marian since she sang ‘Till There Was You” in a middle school concert, “When the opportunity presented itself to audition, I couldn’t pass it up!”

When Caity found out she was cast as Marian “ I screamed! And it was very early in the morning so I woke up my roommate, oops!“            

Marian is the town librarian, and the music teacher. “I connect with Marian because although she gives off a cold persona, she is smart and strong and hopeful.  And she wishes on the evening star, which is something I have done many times in my life. J “

Caity finds the most challenging part of bringing Marian to life is making the portrayal of her unique. She has a clear idea about what motivates Marian, “and I see her as so much more than just a ’stuck up librarian’”.

Caity’s earliest theatre memory was when she was 10 “my mother thought it would be a good idea to get me involved in theatre because I was a chatterbox who was always singing and dancing. My first show was a musical about Robin Hood and I played one of his merry men. And that was it; I was bitten by the acting bug and haven’t stopped performing since!”

Caity has worked with many area theatre groups including StageCoach Productions in Nashua, Milford Area Players, Nashua Theatre Guild, and most recently The Community Players of Concord.  “Being involved in theatre makes me feel like I never really have to grow up; I love the ‘play’ aspect of it.”

When Caity isn’t on stage she is a call analyst for a nurse coaching hotline. For fun she enjoys bike riding, baking, watching the Bruins, and she is obsessed with theme parks and roller coasters!!

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