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Hair Designer for Les Misérables


Catherine Andruskevich, a/k/a “CZA,” from Merrimack, New Hampshire, is the hair/wig stylist for Les Misérables.

Working on hair for this show she had to find the right look for each character.  Her favorites are Mme. Thenardier, Little Eponine and Fantine’s quick change.

 As a long-time life member of Actorsingers, Catherine states “it is very exciting to be involved with the “first” adult community theatre to produce this musical masterpiece.  I volunteered to do the hair/wig design from the very get-go because I love the challenge of period pieces and with the upper class, lower class, the poor, etc., there is certainly a variety of “looks” to achieve.  I also auditioned and, although not cast, I’m happy to have “lost” to some of the fantastic voices that “bested” me. Theatre is my life’s blood – if I could work professionally and earn enough to scrape by, I’d drop my 9-to-5-plus 4 hours of commuting in a heartbeat!! “

Catherine feels “The production qualities of Les Misérables are far and away above what Actorsingers has ever achieved before and I am proud to be a part of it as both a Life member and a member of the Board who got us started on this journey.”

Catherine has been an active member of Actorsingers since 1970 and have performed and worked in every imaginable capacity.  She has also worked with the Nashua Theatre Guild, New Thalian Players in Manchester, MADCO in Derry, and Merrimack Theatre Company.  She also taught theatre for five years at Mount St. Mary and Bishop Guertin High Schools before they merged into BG. 

Catherine’s earliest “theatre” memory was in the first grade when she was called down to the principal’s office.  “This was a Catholic school in the 1950s even my teacher was frightened for me.  I got there and having met my mother the night before at the parent/teacher conferences, where my mother told her my special talent was singing, Sr. Lorena asked me to sing for her!  Could I come up with any nice hymn from church or something?  No, all I could think of was “Swanee” from “The Jolson Story,” right down to the outstretched arms and bended knee at the end.  The movie had been playing all week on TV!  For my efforts, I received a holy card and a little statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary.”

Catherine is a legal secretary in Boston, “which is not what one would call fun, but it pays the bills.  For fun, I see as much theatre as time and my wallet permit.”  Catherine also travels to NYC to see her son, Carl Andress, who is a playwright/director Off Broadway.  His most recent accomplishment was directing a musical production of “Bunnicula, the Vampire Rabbit” based on the children’s books by James and Deborah Howe, which was named the Best Family Show in 2013 by the New York Times. 


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