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Marcellus in The Music Man

Craig Plummer, from Brookline, NH, plays Marcellus Washburn in The Music Man.

Craig describes Marcellus as ”a former compatriot of Harold Hill (or, as I refer to him, Gregory) who is a sort of loveable, bumbling, faithful sidekick character.  I feel that I have a lot of Marcellus in me and look forward to bringing that out on stage. The biggest challenge for me is truly being Marcellus and not just being myself on stage.  I have always loved to sing but doing so while trying to be someone else is a whole different level.  Hopefully my enthusiasm and connection to the part will shine through.”

Why did Craig audition? “I love to perform and the role of Marcellus seemed like a perfect role for me to audition for.  I also wanted to have the opportunity to perform on stage with both of my kids.  The opportunity to be involved with something that we all enjoy so much is a true joy!  I was overjoyed to not only be cast in the show, but to be cast in the role of Marcellus.  I hope to bring an "exuberant goofiness" to the role!”

Craig is no stranger to the stage “I had the good fortune to be in Annie with the Actorsingers a couple of years ago, and participated in a show called Midsummer's Magic, put on by Stagecoach 2 summers ago. I also had the good fortune to be portraying Thomas Jefferson in 1776 last summer with Bedford Off Broadway.  Where else in my life do I have the opportunity to get on stage and do what I love to do for a crowd of people?  The thrill of performing and hearing the audience laugh and applaud is unmatched in other parts of my life.”

What was Craig’s first memory of theater? “I had the role of one of the Trolls in The Hobbit in elementary school.  Some might say typecast but I vehemently disagree :-)”

Craig owns his own business doing college advising for families in the Southern NH and Northern Massachusetts areas. “ I am fortunate that my work is a joy to me, and that I get so much out of helping the families with whom I work.  For fun, I am an avid golfer and am working toward participating in more road races as a runner.”

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