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St. Jimmy in American Idiot

My name's Elliot Owens, and I am very happy to be playing St. Jimmy in American Idiot! I'm originally from Dartmouth, MA, spent some time in the Long Island area, and now live in Pembroke NH with my wife, Sheree, and my son, Sam. I auditioned for this show because I was thrilled to see something like this being brought to the New Hampshire community stage. It's a very exciting and engaging production, and I didn't want to miss this one! I've only been back into theater for a couple of years after some time off, but I performed in Young Frankenstein for Actorsingers, Jesus Christ Superstar with Stagecoach and I Love You Because with Manchester Community Theater Players.

I was very happy and excited to be cast, not only for myself, but also to work with the rest of this very talented cast and crew. St. Jimmy is a unique role, and not to give too much away, but it's challenging to embody St. Jimmy. I liken him to an emotionally abusive partner, who leads Johnny to do things that are not in Johnny's best interest. I think the most challenging thing is how you embody something as manic and manipulative as St. Jimmy without seeming over the top. His desires, however selfish, are real, and in some twisted way I believe he loves Johnny very much.

My earliest theater memory is when I was in 5th grade, in an elementary play about America. I'm pretty sure the plot revolved around a group of kids going back in time to meet the founding fathers, but I do know for certain I was ROCKING a matching American flag shirt and shorts combo (I have the photographic evidence). I really started getting into theater in middle school, even though we didn't even have a theater program, so it was skits my friends and I would write.

When I'm not in the theater, I'm a Special Education teacher and I help direct the Glee Club at my school. I also enjoy listening to music with Sam - so far, we've covered Motown, 80s pop and 70s soul, but he still seems to like the songs I make up for him on the spot the best. I am lucky to have a wonderful family and colleagues, but I love the sense of community that theater provides. The fact that a group of people, however big or small, come together to create something out of nothing is a great experience, one I would recommend to anyone.


Show Dates Aug 28, 29, 30 and Sept 3, 4, 5 Tickets available here

Photography by: Stephanie Pappas Photography

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