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Wyatt in Crazy for You

My name is Jacob Lavoie and I will be playing Wyatt in Crazy For you. I am currently a senior at Nashua High School South here in Nashua, NH. Next fall I will be attending High Point University to study Theatre and Business. I recently appeared in the Actorsingers Production of Young Frankenstien. I've also been seen onstage with the following companies: The Palace Theatre, Peacock Players, The Nashua Theatre Guild and Stagecoach Productions to name a few. I was elated when I found out I was cast because Wyatt is a tap dancing, gun shooting, all American guy... Who could ask for anything more! When I'm not at CFY rehearsal I am at rehearsal for any of the three other productions I'm working on at the moment, in dance class, competing with the Kathy Blake Dance Studios Competition Teams, working, competiting with DECA and SO MUCH MORE!~ Thank you Martha, Judy and everyone else for this marvelous opportunity!  For more information about me follow me on Instagram(@OFFICIAL_JCUBLAVOIE) and like my Facebook page! 


Posted by Evelynn Decker Thursday, April 2, 2015 12:39:00 PM