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Music Director & Choreographer The Music Man

Jed Holland is the Music Director and Martha Daniels Holland is the Choreographer for the upcoming production of The Music Man May 9-11. They are thrilled to be working together with this large cast of 67 very talented adults, teens and children! The Music and Choreography is so much fun in this production, including the much loved songs "Ya Got Trouble", "Goodnight, My Someone", "Seventy-Six Trombones", “My White Knight” and “Shipoopi”.

Jed has been involved with Actorsingers since 1981, where he has enjoyed many productions in and out of the Orchestra Pit. Martha has been involved with Actorsingers since 1987, where she met Jed in that year’s production of The Music Man. Jed was playing the piano and she was one of the teenage chorus dancers, and now they are happily married with 5 children. In fact all of their children - Andrew, Becca, Mike, Mary and Christopher - are involved with this production of The Music Man, which makes this production very special for them! They are also excited to be working with their Chilean exchange student Ismael as one of the dancers in this show.

 Since Martha’s appearance in her first show, The Music Man, in 1987, theatre has had such an impact on her that she has been involved in nearly all Actorsingers productions, in one way or another, ever since! Martha takes great pleasure in choreographing shows, but still enjoys being onstage occasionally. Jed loves Music Directing and especially loves working on shows with Martha and the entire family!

 Martha has served as past Actorsingers Vice President and board member. Jed served as the original Actorsingers webmaster and performed that duty for many, many years. Jed is a past unsung hero recipient, Martha is a past Actorsingers Wall of Fame recipient, and both Martha and Jed have received lifetime membership awards.

 By day, Jed is a software engineer, and Martha is a full-time Realtor with RE/MAX Properties and loves her work. For fun, they experience great joy spending time with their family and friends and of course going to see all the live theatre they can!

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