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Co-Producers The Music Man

Jenn Morton and Michelle Morrison are co-producers for The Music Man. They just started producing Actorsingers youth shows a few years ago, and we are grateful they volunteered to take on producing a main-stage show! 


Jenn and Michelle became involved in Theatre because their children wanted to be in shows. Community theater is a great opportunity for families to work on something together, so they jumped in to help whenever there was a need. They want everyone to know that no prior theater experience is necessary. If you think this might be fun, give it a try! We are glad they did, because they have become valuable production resources for Actorsingers! Jenn and Michelle have made many friends and laughed often with Actorsingers pals. When they are old(er) and gray(er), some of their favorite memories will be of music and laughter that filled the rehearsal rooms and stairways of Actorsingers Hall.


They say “The best part of working on a show is getting to know the people involved. The cast members are very talented & have a wonderful time together. And just as important as the cast are the behind-the-scenes volunteers. The many hours and hours that it takes to coordinate every little piece of the show… publicity, the set, the costumes, props, lighting, sound, tickets, concessions, program… many people are spending time & energy thinking about those things and working hard to make sure every piece fits into place, like a giant puzzle.  Then, it all comes together during Tech Week (really, it does!) and you breathe a sigh of relief and have fun!”


By day, Michelle works as an account manager in corporate America, and Jenn is a home schooling volunteer-a-holic who works part time at the Nashua Public Library. They both love spending time with family & friends, as well as taking care of their pet menagerie, which includes chickens they inherited with their recently purchased home.

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