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Ensemble in American Idiot

My name is Julie Shea from Nashua and I appear as ensemble member Julie in American Idiot. I’m originally from Maine and after attending college in the area I moved permanently to NH in 2008.

Music is my first love, so it was a no brainer to audition for a show that’s built around an album filled with music that I already loved. Additionally, what they’ve done with the songs—the arrangements, the harmonies—are far more complex than the originals and it’s really rewarding to get right. The great part is that the themes of the show are relatable on many levels, especially if you’re familiar with the album.

 My first Actorsingers show was last fall doing “Young Frankenstein.” I just recently started doing theater again after a long hiatus and have done several shows with Stagecoach Productions as well since 2013. I was so thrilled when cast. Knowing that I didn’t really fit the “punk” mold, I was a little nervous I might not get in! But throughout this process I’ve realized that the word “punk” is really a catch all and being punk doesn’t mean looking a certain way at all, and I’ve embraced that. I was also slightly scared because I knew that the choreography was going to be challenging, and choreo is definitely my weak spot and where I need to improve!

My character is an extension of myself (I mean…we used our own names for the characters!). We use the word “angst” a lot to describe this show, and I think it’s accurate—for my character, I think it’s a lot of anxiety, torment and fear. My character is younger than me, and at a point where nothing makes sense—when you’re angry but you don’t even know who or what to be angry at, and so it changes based on your surroundings and sometimes on who tells you what to be angry at. Am I angry for the same reasons that Johnny is angry? Probably not, but he’s angry and we look to him for guidance, and so I’m angry too. Eventually I think we all find our own way based on those initial feelings, when we realize that we may have the same feelings but for different reasons.

Ever since I was little I was always attracted to music and plays, including after school programs. At my K-5 elementary school, there was a 5th grade musical every year—I got to be the lead in “The Phantom of the Music Room,” which is a 45 minute musical made for kids. Google it, riveting plot line. My parents probably still have the VHS.

I love being involved in theater as my job isn’t very creative, so theater gives me that outlet. I love being part of a team that works together and creates something beautiful that makes people happy. And, it’s been a great opportunity to make friends. I didn’t really have many local friends before I started doing theater since I moved from out of state, so that has been wonderful.

When I am not involved in a theater production I like being active and outside—hiking, camping, being at the beach. I also enjoy cooking. My husband is far better than I am, but I have picked up a few tricks and can hold my own!


Show Dates Aug 28, 29, 30 and Sept 3, 4, 5 Tickets available here

Photography by: Stephanie Pappas Photography

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