The Actorsingers

Presenting Community Theatre since 1955

Plays in the female ensemble in Les Misérables

Kate originally from Portland, Oregon and most recently Clearwater, Florida, was an Air Force brat and also married someone in the Air Force. Kate and her husband like to say they are from pretty much everywhere, you name it and they have probably lived there.

Kate’s “FAVORITE SHOW EVER” has seen it 5 times - once on Broadway in the early 90's, the rest were touring companies throughout the years.  The music is so stirring - gets her every time!  Still brings tears to her eyes.

This is Kate’s first production with Actorsingers and when she found out she was cast as Old Woman #2 she jumped up and screamed “YES!!!!!” Her favorite characters have always been the "not so beautiful" ones.  Crazy, blacked-out teeth, wild hair, a hunchback, Kate says “BRING IT ON!!” with this role.

Kate’s earliest theatre memory was when she played "Susie Snowflake" in the Christmas Pageant in 6th grade but then went the sports route in high school. She came back to the theatre game much later - did her first community theatre show when she was 28.  She loved it so much she went back to school to get her Theatre (Acting) degree, than she decided her senior year in college she would like to direct so went back to school in the BFA program for Directing.  Kate has been at it ever since!

  When you ask Kate what she does for fun and work when she isn’t working in the theater?  She’s likely to respond “There's something besides theatre??”

What does Kate get from theater?  It’s the friendship and the bonding that develops through working on a show.  There is no other collaboration like it.  Whenever, or wherever she has moved over the years, all she had to do was audition for a show and BAM! Instant friendship!  She looks forward to all the new friendships she will make in this cast!

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