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Kathy Lovering, from Nashua, is the Director of The Music Man. The Music Man is one of Kathy’s favorites and she is thrilled to be turning the pages from the script to an on-stage show!  In fact the first show Kathy saw as a child was when her parents took her to see an Actorsingers production of The Music Man in 1975.  This is the third time that Actorsingers is bringing this wonderful show to the stage, first in 1975, again in 1987, and now, on May 9, 10 and 11 in 2014. “We wanted to do a classical musical that showcases music that everyone is familiar with, and makes you feel good as you leave the theatre.  It has all the elements of an uplifting and fun show that we know will be a crowd pleaser.” 

The 67 member cast brings some interesting statistics to the show in addition to their performing talents. There are also many coincidences in this production of The Music Man.  Two sisters, Marilyn Valentine and Sandra Metaxotos, are performing in this production, in honor of their late sister, Rebecca, who performed the role of Marian for Nashua High School.  Their niece Lindsay Murch and Sandra’s daughter Chloe are in the ensemble. There are nine families in this show, which is a record for the most families in any Actorsingers production. 

Director Kathy Lovering and Marilyn Valentine (Widow Paroo) were classmates at Nashua High School. Music director, Jed Holland, met his wife, Martha Daniels Holland, in the second production of The Music Man, and all 5 of their children are involved in this show.  The second production of The Music Man was directed by the late John Liljeberg, whose wife Raelene is the costume mistress for this production. John was an assistant director for the Nashua High School band for many years, and Kathy Lovering and Jed Holland were in band together during that time. With so many coincidences in this production, the third time staging The Music Man is a thrill for all involved, and we hope audiences go out and enjoy the show!

What is the most challenging part of bringing this show to life?  “It’s a huge tech show, huge cast, and it's a period piece which is always a challenge.”

Kathy has been with Actorsingers since 1977, and in addition to directing main-stage shows, she has directed Junior Actorsingers and Teen Actorsingers shows, as well as a few shows at Nashua High South and the Nashua Senior Center.  Kathy has served on the Actorsingers Board of Directors as president, secretary, vice-president and director. Actorsingers has presented Kathy with the Penny Award, the Life Member Award, and the Actorsingers Hall of Fame Award.

Kathy makes her livelihood as an insurance agent “which is not fun!” She also likes gardening and restoring furniture.

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