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Zaneeta Shinn in The Music Man

Katie Tocci from Nashua plays Zaneeta Shinn in The Music Man. Katie auditioned for the show because I hadn’t been in a production in many years and missed doing shows like crazy! This is just such a fun show and I was so excited to audition for a chance to be a part of it!”

Katie joined Actorsingers at the age of seven, after coming to see a production with her family.After my first show, I was hooked! I participated in most of the kids and teen productions from 1997-2004 including the infamous “Pasta Shows!” I have also choreographed several of the children’s productions. In 2007, I was a member of the Female Ensemble in "Oklahoma." Actorsingers was where I grew up. It is so nice to be back home again! Theater brings me so much joy. It is nice to be able to escape to a make-believe world where singing in the middle of a crowded street or dancing in the middle of a library is expected! I am at my most confident, my most happy, and my most inspired when I am doing shows!”

How did Katie react when she was cast? “I found out that I was cast as Zaneeta from my mother. It was about 6:30 am on a snowy morning when she ran into my room screaming, “Congratulations!!!” I originally thought that she meant “Congratulations…it’s snowing…we have a snow day!!” After I woke up and I realized she meant that I was cast in "The Music Man", I immediately had to go to the website and see for myself. Much screaming and dancing commenced after that!!”

Katie’s character Zaneeta Shinn is the “oldest girl” of Mayor and Mrs. Shinn. She is a giddy school girl who has a thing for the bad boy in town, Tommy Djilas, whom her father does not approve of.  How does Katie connect with Zaneeta ? “I, and I think any girl who has done something her parents wouldn’t approve of one time in her life, can connect with Zaneeta! I think the most challenging part of bringing Zaneeta to life is capturing the perfect, “Ye Gods!” for every emotion!”

What was Katie’s earliest theatre memory? “My earliest theater memory dates back to my very first show, “I Swear I Saw a Dragon.” I can remember learning my line, “Pete’s dragon wrecked the school!” but being too mousy for anyone to hear so it ended up being a three person line!”

Katie loves “spending time with my family, friends, and my boyfriend. They are my fun! I am also kept very busy by my amazing little first graders who I love going to work for every day!”

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