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Ensemble in American Idiot

Hi all!  I’m Kelsey Rae, and I’m beyond thrilled to be making my ActorSingers debut as a part of the ensemble of this stellar cast of idiots!  Being a part of this production and meeting all of these wonderful people has truly reignited my passion for performing, and for anyone who has ever experienced that absence of purpose, it’s clear just how priceless that gift of fulfillment is. 

Honestly, it’s a bit of a blur as to how this all came to be…but here’s how I remember it:  One Saturday afternoon, I was out with a friend and we stopped at the local Starbucks.  While waiting for our orders, I found myself drawn to the bulletin board and a flyer that had been posted.  “American Idiot Auditions!”  It was right there.  So naturally, I took down the information…just in case.  After hours pulling my hair out over my audition song and flip-flopping over whether or not to even audition at all, I asked myself:  “what could it hurt?”  Having not performed in over four years, I never imagined that I’d get cast.  I am so thankful that the creative team saw something in me that I hadn’t. 

It took me a while to figure out where and how I exactly fit into this show.  It’s easy to rock out and be punk—mess up your hair, throw on some heavy eyeliner and just say “screw the world”—but this story delves so much deeper.  In realizing this, it was easy to develop the backstory.  I see myself as a runaway that had been pushed around my whole life and has finally taken a stand by striking out on my own.  By doing so, I find this innate strength that I harness to then stand up for those who are getting less than they deserve.  Who doesn’t like an empowered rocker-chick, right?! :)

I think one of the most rewarding parts of this experience is realizing just how far I’ve come since my first performance way back when.  I grew up in the small town of Douglas, MA.  My school didn’t have a theatre troupe or a drama department—but what we did have was music.  My first experiences as a performer were as part of the chorus under the direction of Al Denoncour.   I don’t think I ever looked back after that first concert and I owe a lot of that to Al himself.  Over the past fourteen years, he has helped to guide me along my creative path, not only as my teacher and mentor, but as my dear friend.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without him and others like him that have supported me on this journey. 

My creative journey has been…well…a sporadic one to say the least.  My backstage career has been on the front burner for some time now while the performance aspect has been set aside to cool.  Over the past few years, I’ve traveled and worked as a theatre carpenter for different companies up and down the east coast.  Recently though, I’ve settled down in Concord, NH, where I’m currently working as the Production/Events Manager & Administrative Assistant at the Capitol Center for the Arts.  Working in theatre, performing or otherwise, it’s become quite clear that no matter where you go, you will meet the most incredible people.  I’ve been blessed with my experiences and the friends I’ve made along the way and what I’ve realized, by participating on both onstage and off, is that I don’t need to pick and choose.  All I need in life to be happy is to be involved in the magic that is the theatre.  The rest will come as it may. 

Show Dates Aug 28, 29, 30 and Sept 3, 4, 5 Tickets available here

Photography by: Stephanie Pappas Photography


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