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Assistant Stage Manager American Idiot

 My name is Laura Millar from Mont Vernon, NH and I am the Assistant Stage Manager for American Idiot.

 I really wanted the chance to try working backstage. I had a lot of friends involved with the production, and the material is just so good. It seemed like a great chance to try something new.  I love the community. I love being part of a team, working together to make something magical.

 The most challenging part of ASM is learning the ropes and figuring out exactly what I needed to know. Stage Manager Beth Schwarz has been amazing. I have never run crew, or done anything of the sort. It’s important to note that our show has no needles (or drugs) in our syringes! Also, this cast is not nearly as angsty as their performances imply. 

I have been in the ensemble for Actorsingers, and I am the head of the social committee. I played Henrietta in Stagecoach's All Shook Up, and the Sour Kangaroo with the Amherst PTA's Seussical. I directed the summer alumni production of Damn Yankees at the Riverbend in 2012.

I remember my mother taking me to see many productions at the former American Stage Festival in Milford. I was always annoyed when it was a musical, because "people don't really just start singing their feelings." I then went on to study opera. Go figure.

I am a middle school English teacher, and I enjoy doing various "crafty" things. I also teach voice lessons through my new company, Naxos Voice Studio.

Do you wanna be an American Idiot?

Show Dates Aug 28, 29, 30 and Sept 3, 4, 5 Tickets available here


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