The Actorsingers

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Plays in the female ensemble in Les Misérables

Melany originally from Hershey, PA (where the chocolate is made!), currently lives in New Hampshire.  Kate has worked with Majestic and Milford Area players in the past but this is her first Actorsingers Show.  Melany auditioned this past August because she just LOVES the music and also wanted to try some out of her acting skills.

Melany was thrilled to be cast in Les Misérables after seeing other Actorsingers' productions she was excited to have the chance to work with Actorsingers on this show.

Melany a member of the ensemble portrays a beggar and a prostitute in various scenes of the show.  In order to connect with her characters, she has tried to be truthful in imagining how it would feel if she was forced to survive in the world on her wits. Acting allows Melany to bring a character (sometimes one who is completely different from her) to life from off the page and truthfully tell their story.  Although it is challenging for her to portray one of the "lovely ladies" convincingly, by opening night, she was confident she was be able to bring this particular character to life for the audience!

Melany’s earliest theatre memory was playing Melody the singing psalm book in the musical "Kids' Praise III" when she was in 3rd grade.   She sang a solo and got the chance to dress up in a large pink book costume.  She LOVED it!

When Melany is not acting, she enjoys traveling to new places.  One of her favorite places is London, England.  But when she is not traveling, she can be found reading a good book.

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