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Plays in the female ensemble in Les Misérables

Mia was born in New Hampshire but grew up in Lakeland Florida, she auditioned for Les Mia Berardi  because it is a beautiful show with beautiful music and she really wanted to have such an amazing show on her résumé.  This is her first Actorsingers show and only her second community theatre show ever!

Mia was super stoked to find out she was cast, she hadn't been in a show for a year since she left Illinois where she was performing in her first professional show. She was ecstatic to get back to what she loves! When Mia is performing she feels like the last puzzle piece in the puzzle you've been working on for ages,  like she’s in the right place. Mia says it helps her grow not just as an artist but also as a human being in every show she works on.

At the beginning of the show Mia plays the factory girl who gets Fantine fired. It's a pretty fun character even though she is mean. But hey, some of the greatest characters to play onstage are mean!  She is  also a few other random people onstage which is always fun because you can create your character from scratch!  Mia finds the most challenging part about her roles is getting the idea that all of these people are suffering. Their lives are very hard and they are looking for a solution. That's really what it's all about. So the characters are trying to find peace in a chaotic environment.

Mia’s earliest theatre memory was when she was cast in Gypsy when she about six. She remembers opening night and seeing all the grown up ladies putting their stage makeup on and doing their hair and thought..."That's what I want to do when I grow up!"

What does Mia do when not on stage she reads, she says she reads so many books its ridiculous!. She also has private voice lessons with Lynn McCartney which she enjoys so very much because she is obsessed with singing!

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