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Harold Hill in The Music Man

Michael Coppola plays Harold Hill in the upcoming production of The Music Man. Michael lives in Portsmouth, NH with his partner Ron Levesque.  He grew up in the small town of Rowley, MA and has lived in Miami, Newburyport and Epping in between.

Harold Hill is one of Michael’s favorite roles “ I love the whole look and feel of the show - it’s a fun show and a fun time.”  Michael’s  first A/S show was Oklahoma - Curly, then he was in The Producers - Leo Bloom, and then Chicago - Billy Flynn.

Michael has performed in over 100 shows with just about every group in southern NH and the seacoast area. “There are a few out there that I have not had the pleasure to work with, but I'm sure that day will come!”

What was Michael’s reaction when he was cast? ” I was very happy :) I'm not getting any younger and, well, eventually you gotta start playing the older roles.”

Harold is a travelling salesman who makes a living by swindling people and then skipping town. “In real life I am a Real Estate Broker - hmmmmm :)  Not that I've ever swindled anyone or skipped town - just saying. If you need to buy or sell a house ..... call me ;)”

“I think the most challenging part of this or any role in a period piece is keeping the character true to the time period. Whether it is language, body movement, etc., you don't want the audience to watch and think ‘oh look it’s Michael playing a part in a show’.  The best compliment is when the audience says, I forgot it was even you up there :) That’s when you say to yourself - I did it right.”

The Music Man was the first live show Michael ever saw, with his Mother and Grandmother.  “There was a travelling show and it came to our high school - I'm guessing I was probably about 13 years old or so. They had a complete band and everything. It was just very captivating. “

Why does Michael do theatre?  “Well,  where else can you be a travelling salesman one month, maybe a mass murderer a few months later, then become a fairy tale character, a baseball player, a gambler, a loving husband, a hated father, a roller-skating bride groom ..... You get the idea.  It’s truly the best way to express yourself creatively that I know, while giving something to others, might they be looking for a laugh, a cry, something thought provoking or just a few hours away from reality.”

As mentioned above, Michael is a real estate broker and has been since 1991. “When I have any free time, I enjoy spending it with friends, playing games, cooking, travelling - you know, the basic stuff lol - I'm not a triathlete or a skydiver or anything interesting like that.”

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