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Plays in the female ensemble in Les Misérables

Sarah DeLisle

Sarah is from Bedford, NH and auditioned for Les Misérables after a friend told her the show was coming to Nashua.  Her friend said she had to audition because she would have been THAT girl at every performance singing along and disrupting other audience members!

This is Sarah’s first Actorsingers show but she hopes “it's not my last!”  Sarah appeared in the V - Monologues all four years of college but has not been in anything recently.  She explains “When I found out that I made the cut, I was sitting in my classroom and burst into happy tears, thankfully my students were out of the room!”

Sarah explains “Theatre brings out a piece of me that I never knew existed. It gives me the chance to portray something complete separate from myself and be free. I also love the community aspect and how we all work together to create something amazing.”  As part of the ensemble, Sarah feels lucky to have a variety of roles, the most challenging part of connecting is to her part of Whore #2 she says “I feel like I'm being silly when trying to entice the young men and audience.”

Her earliest theatre memory is from being very young and singing along with The Phantom of the Opera on tape in the car. 

Sarah feels fun and work go hand and hand for her because she teaches 2nd grade. She also loves to spend time going to see shows, trying new restaurants, baking and going out with friends.

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