The Actorsingers


Narnia (2001)

Nashua Sr. High School Auditorium
April 20-22, 2001

Based on The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

Book by Jules Tasca

Lyrics by Ted Drachman

Music by Thomas Tierney

Produced by special arragement with the Dramatic Publishing Company of Woodstock Ill


Peter Pevensie Bryan Richardson

Susan Pevensie Alanna Vancor

Lucy Pevensie Jackie Grilli

Edmund Pevensie Kevin Clutz

Mr. Tumnus Ian Mazurek

White Witch Noelle Andrick

Dwarf Oliver J. Judd

Fenris Ulf Mike O'Keefe

Aslan the Lion Jared Nathan

Father Christmas Bill Crockett

Mr. Beaver Tim GilPatrick

Mrs. Beaver Shannon Day

White Stag/Turkish Delight Dancer Catherine Balboni

White Doe/Turkish Delight Dancer Laura Babb

White Doe/Turkish Delight Dancer Annaleigh Kress

Sprites/Fawns Molly Bibbo, Rachel Birch, Arielle Rawding, Emily Vancor, Katie Yunes, Anna Zeira

Narnian Animals Rachel Chazanovitz (Panther), Aaron Chilelli (Boar), Allison Duhamel (Unicorn), Casey Elsass (Porcupine), Lauren Friedman (Fox), Jennifer Hauser (Otter), Kristen Koczarski (Owl), Stephanie LeCours (Bobcat), Benjamin Levine (Squirrel), Matthew Recco (Bear), Lanéa Ritrovato (Raccoon), Jacqueline Saindon (Skunk), Katie Thibault (Pheasant), Katie Tocci (Dryad), Elyse Williams (Eagle)

Cruelies Heather Antosca, Julie Bates, Molly Bruckman, Emily DeJulio, Emma Deschamps, Lauren Duffy, Christopher Grenier, Justin Grenier, Molly Halligan, Christina Law, Jeff Lessard, Jodi Lessard, Emily Lovering, Madeline Lovering, Melissa Morin, Elyse Nagler, Kelly O'Connor, Gigi Paul, Kathleen Peterman, Hilary Potter, Katie Rich, Nolan Richardson, Lindsey Ross, Kelsey Roy, Cara Sennott, Hillary Smyth, Sarah Thibault, Andrea Wilson

Special Thanks To

Annie's Book Stop

Barnes and Noble

Jack's Pizza

Nashua Public Library

Party Time

Romance In Bloom

Seven Stars Pizza

The Telegraph

Vicky Letter and WMVU Radio

Rapid Finishing Corporation

Patrice Forrester

Jed Holland

Directed by Jeff Caron

Produced by Pam GilPatrick

Assistant to the Producer Tim GilPatrick

Music Director Judy Hayward

Choreographer Bobby Fonacier

Percussion Kevin Reed

Audition Board Jeff Caron, Judy Hayward, Bobby Fonacier, Amy Friedman, Cindy Fisher

Technical Cast

Director Jeff Caron

Music director Judy Hayward

Choreographer Bobby Fonacier

Stage Managers Lou Duhamel, Tom Ritrovato

Technical Advisors Dennis Schneider, John McAllister

Scenic Designer Lou Duhamel

Lighting Geoffrey McAllister

Sound Aaron Ritrovato

Properties Deb Ritrovato, Lynne Tocci, Tim Judd

Set Construction Lou Duhamel, Al Antosca, Tom Ritrovato, Bob Lovering, Tim Judd

Set Artists Carol Duffy, Luanne Roy, Kelsey Roy, Maureen Keller, Wendy Johnson, Gabriele Zeira, Denise Thibault, Lauren Duffy, Rachel Duffy, Lee Byrne, Adam Carle, Kerri Antosca, Patrice Forrester, Marianna Bradley, Emilee Powell, Kathy Lovering, Emily Lovering, Madeline Lovering, Lynne Tocci, Charlie Barker, Anne Wilson, Heather Wilson, Sarah Wilson, Katie Rich, Mark Keller

Stage Crew Bob Lovering, Al Antosca, Adam Carle, Lynne Tocci

Rehearsal Stage Manager Amy Friedman

Costume Design Cheri Birch, JoAnn Duhamel, Kim Vancor, Nancy Hauser, Judy Grilli, Deb Zerneri, Donna Peterman, Elizabeth Peterman, Liz Judd, Terri O'Keefe

Make-Up and Hair Design Emily Farina, Amy Farina, Maureen Halligan, Deb Zerneri, Karen Sennott, Denise Thibault

Narnia Logo Lauren Duffy

Preview Roadshows Amy Friedman

Tickets Betty Badeau, John Liljeberg, Judy Grilli

Program Linda Richardson, Kevin Hauser, Bryan Richardson, Pam GilPatrick

Publicity Pam GilPatrick, Sharon Mazurek, Maureen Halligan

Poster and Flyer Lauren Duffy, Tim GilPatrick

T-Shirts Lynette Rawding

Concessions June Nathan, Liz Judd, Sharon Mazurek, Linda Richardson, Deb Zerneri, Gail Chazanovitz, Judy Grilli, Denise Thibault, Dora DeJulio, Donna Yunes

Cast Party Jackie Levine, Nancy Hauser, Chrisann Williams, Laurie Andrick, Andrea Deschamps, Sue Koczarski, Greg Albert, Ben Levine, Jocelyn Smyth

Cast Communication Carol Duffy, Kim Vancor, Tim GilPatrick

Big Beavers Gail Chazanovitz, Sharon Mazurek, Kim Vancor, Tim GilPatrick

Big Cruelies Karen Sennott, Dora DeJulio, Denise Saindon

Lobby Displays Maureen Halligan, Jack Halligan

Ushers Emilee Powell, Darius Harper, Amy Yee, Julie Masson, Ellen Powell, Sue Koczarski, Patrice Forrester

Synopsis of Scenes and Musical Numbers


Scene 1 A forest in Narnia

Prologue: Aslan's On The Move Unicorn, Narnian Animals, Deer

Scene 2 Marbleton Manor

Doors and Windows Professor, Pevensie Children


Winter Comes to Narnia Deer

Scene 3 A forest in Narnia

Turkish Delight White Witch, Dwarf, Edmund, Turkish Delight Dancers

Scene 4 The Witch's Castle

Hot and Bothered White Witch, Dwarf, Fenris Ulf, Edmund, Cruelies


Journey to the Stone Table Deer

Scene 5 A forest in Narnia

At Last It's Christmas Father Christmas, Narnian Animals, Pevensie Children


The Return of Spring Deer

Scene 6 The Stone Table

It's Amazing What A Bit O' Spring Can Do Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, Peter, Susan, Lucy

Cair Paravel Aslan, Pevensie Children, Narnian Animals


Scene 1 The Stone Table

Murder Today White Witch, Dwarf, Fenris Ulf, Cruelies

From the Inside Out Aslan, Edmund

Deep Magic White Witch, Aslan, Cruelies, Narnian Animals

Field of Flowers Susan, Lucy, Narnian Animals


Nature's Rebirth Deer

Scene 2 The Witch's Castle

Greatest Wonder Since the World Began Aslan, Narnian Animals

To Make the World Right Again Aslan, Narnian Animals

Scene 3 Marbleton Manor

You Can't Imagine (Reprise) Pevensie Children, Professor