The Actorsingers


Unhappily Ever After (2002)

Concord City Auditorium (NHCTA Festival)
March 2, 2002

The Cast

The Counselor Casey Elsass

Ms. Scribe Katie Farina

Prince Charming Joel Iwaskiewicz

Cinderella Alanna Vancor

Stepsister One Kristen Koczarski

Stepsister Two Ashley Gove

Stepmother Molly Gallaher

Prince Ling Aaron Chilelli

Sleeping Beauty Allison Duhamel

Pond Princess Andrea Wilson

Frog Prince Geoffrey McAllister

Rumpelstiltskin Bill Crocket

Little Bo Peep Emily Lovering

Little Miss Muffet Katie Tocci

Red Riding Hood Patrice Forrester

Snow White Sarah Wilson

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The Junior Actorsingers will be participating in the 2002 New Hampshire Community Theatre Association competition. Each year, NHCTA sponsors the event where all established, non-professional community theatre groups from the state may participate. Each group performs and is judged by non-biased adjudicators and awards are presented at a banquet. It usually ends there, but it just so happens that this will be a regional year, meaning that whoever wins at the New Hampshire level will go on to compete at the New England festival, which NHCTA is also sponsoring this year, tentatively slated for September, 2002. And whoever wins the crown at that level goes onto the country-wide festival which will be held in Connecticut this year.

The Actorsingers have sent shows to competition for the past several years [see our NHCTA page]. Many times, our group received awards (best show, best actor/actress, etc.) When no one came forward from the "adult" group, I thought it might be fun - and challenging - and a great experience to enter some of our very talented Junior Actorsingers. The board of directors of Actorsingers is endorsing our entry to the Festival. I have chosen a play that I read a few years ago called Unhappily Ever After. The guy that wrote all of the fairy tales that end with "and they all lived, happily ever after" has found that many of his characters aren't very happy at all, so he must double as a counselor to help them along...the show is centered around one of his group therapy sessions where several folks have come for help.

Kathy Lovering