The Actorsingers


Swing (2009)

Janice B. Streeter Theatre
July 31 - August 2, 2009

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Sarah Wenrich & Tyler Stanley

Trina Cardamone & Mark Lawrence

Kimberly Stanizzi & Daniel Schwartzberg

Brittney-Lynne Stanley & John Barsoian

Laura Franzini & Andy Harris

Bailie de Lacy & Adam Harding


Rebecca Tarr

Natasha Rodriguez

Lanéa Ritrovato

Joe Harris

Ryan Warren

Brad Fernald

[Review posted on NH Theatre Happenings website]

Swing a song!
By Tom Anastasi

The Teen Actorsingers production of Swing is exceptionally well done. Swing is a 40's revue show featuring 20 numbers performed by an incredibly talented cast. There is no story to tie the songs together, but that doesn't detract from the entertainment value of the show.

What is remarkable about this show, directed by Tim Stanley, is its complexity and the fact that there are no weak links. The vocalists all nailed the solos as well as tricky harmonies. Each soloist had a different quality to their voice each sang beautifully. The casting was very well done because the vocal variation never made the show tiresome, which can happen in a revue show. Audience members will feel as if they've been transported back 65 years and are living in the 1940's in everything from the lighting, to the sound, costumes, and even the hair styles.

The true show stealers were the 12 dancers (6 male/female pairs), who completed complex combinations, lifts and throws seemingly effortlessly, which is amazing because this cast must have been exhausted after the show. Finding several strong women dancers is not surprising, but to have the six male dancers be as strong and graceful and have all 12 work completely as a team was incredible. The audience spontaneously clapped in the middle of countless songs.

The choreography was very well done with a different look at feel for each song. Plus the show was off the charts flirty, without being salacious, which was perfectly well done. Credit to Director Tim Stanley and Choreographer Theo Martinez for their vision of keeping to the 40's as well as their creative decisions, each of which worked.

Henry Kopczynskie's music band performed flawlessly and was a joy to listen to and complimented the vocalists perfectly. Rick Brooks lighting added much to each song. The other standout, besides the dancers, was costumer Donna Salvioti. She had a completely different look for each song. The costumes in the show weren't like 1776 or Disney's Beauty and the Beast, where you thought, "that is so difficult." But each set of costumes, were in 40's style and really complimented each individual cast member perfectly. I am fairly certain that cast members never wore the same thing twice. Wow!

In short Swing is very entertaining, and exceptionally well done. Congrats to Tim Stanley and his team. Boogie Woogie, don't' walk, over to Court Street before it closes.