The Actorsingers

Presenting Community Theatre since 1955

Lyrics by Tim Rice
Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber

Director Angèlica Rosenthal  

Music Director Amanda Morgan

Choreographer - Jennifer Ryder


Producer  - Evelynn Decker 


Audition Requirements 



Please submit on-line audition form BEFORE you arrive to auditions. (Online audition form coming soon)

You will be assigned a number when you check in.


Auditions and Rehearsals will be held at:

Actorsingers Hall - 219 Lake Street, Nashua NH


Information Night:

  •  Friday Jan. 17 at 7 pm
  •  Enjoy light refreshments at the social 
  •  Meet the directors and hear their vision for the show
  •  Come join the fun!

Audition Dates:


  • Sunday Feb 2 from 4 - 6 pm (doors open at 3:15 pm to learn audition dance, auditions start at 4) 
  • Callbacks are not required for the children's choir 

ALL Other Roles (ages 13+)

  • Sunday Feb 2 from 7 - 9 pm (doors open at 6 pm to learn audition dance, auditions start at 7) 
  • Monday Feb 3 from 7 - 9 pm (doors open at 6 pm to learn audition dance, auditions start at 7)
  •  Callbacks will be Wednesday Feb 5 starting at 7 PM 
  •  Callbacks will consist of reading sides from the script and singing songs from Joseph
  •  More details will be provided if you are called back


Rehearsal days:

  • Rehearsals Start: Sunday, Feb 9, 2020 at 6 PM
  • Rehearsal Schedule:
  • Sunday night from 6-10 pm   
  • Monday and Wednesday nights from 7-10 pm
  • Tech week May 3  - May 10 - mandatory attendance

Notes for Children's Choir:

  • We believe rehearsal commitment will be less for children's choir (ages 8-12) up until tech week. 
  • Children's choir will likely not be scheduled past 8 PM except for tech week
  • Children's choir may be called earlier than 6 PM on Sunday's but no earlier than 5 PM


Show Dates:

Friday May 8, 2020 @ 8 pm
Saturday May 9, 2020  @ 2 pm & 8 pm
Sunday May 10, 2020 @ 2 pm


Show Venue:

Keefe Center for the Arts           

117 Elm Street, Nashua, NH


Audition Requirements:

* You must be at least 13 to audition, except for Children's choir ages 8-12

Casting all ages (13+), races, genders, shapes, and sizes 

(*you must be age 13 by opening night May 8, 2020)

Children's Choir - ages 8-12



Important info for all who are auditioning
An accompanist will be provided, please do not bring karaoke tracks. All music should be brought in a hard cover, 3 ring binder (no staples) and music clearly labeled for the accompanist. While we've only requested certain sections (cuts) of songs for you to audition with, it's important you bring/are familiar with the whole song you're choosing to audition with, because we may reference or ask you to sing something from a different section of the song. The Joseph/Narrator cuts are complete, there is no need to bring the whole "Close Every Door" or "Potiphar" part if you're wishing to be considered for those roles.
Please sing the cut provided of "Close Every Door." You may bring one additional song that showcases your voice if you choose, but the cut provided is mandatory. If you choose to bring a second song of your choice, please select 16 bars that best showcases what you feel you want us to hear. 
Please sing the cut provided of "Potiphar." You may bring one additional song that showcases your voice if you choose, but the cut provided is mandatory. If you choose to bring a second song of your choice, please select 16 bars that best showcases what you feel you want us to hear. 
***The role of the narrator is being expanded. We will choose our 5 #FiercestLadies and create an elite force of vocal power. All 5 of our narrators will all have equal time in the spotlight and (with expanded harmonies tailored to fit their unique abilities) participate in ALL aspects of the narrator numbers. Amanda loves Hercules and the Muses, that is the musical vision for the Narrators in our production.
For those wishing to be considered for Male roles (Including Brothers and Men's ensemble roles)
Please prepare 32 bars of a song that best showcases your range (we have needs in both extremes - tenor and bass). 
For those wishing to be considered for Female roles (Including Wives and Women's ensemble roles)
Please prepare 32 bars of a song that best showcases your range (we have needs in both extremes - soprano and alto).
Children's Chorus:
For children wishing to be considered for the Children's Chorus - please prepare 1 minute of a song that you feel best showcases the range of your singing voice. Bring a song you feel comfortable singing that shows off what you can do!   



Please prepare a second song that show cases acting of your choice



A video of the choreographer doing the audition dance at full speed, as well as a video of her doing a break down of the dance will be released about 2 weeks prior to auditions. Learning the dance or simply viewing the video prior to auditions is not required but strongly encouraged! This dance will also be taught and run through by the choreographer starting one hour prior to auditions, and then will be taught and run through repeatedly throughout both nights by a trained dance assistant. Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes that you can dance in. 

Children's chorus audition dance 

13+ audition dance 


In addition, all those auditioning will be asked on their audition form if they can do any dance spins (such as Fouettes, 3+ Pirouette spins, etc.), body stretches or contortions (such as splits, back bends, etc.), any dance leaps (Split "Switch" Leap, Calypso leap, Toe-Touch Leap, etc.), or any other interesting dance talents! You WILL be asked to demonstrate any listed special talents at the time of your audition, so don’t forget to stretch! If you cannot do any of the above, do not fear, you will still be considered for roles in the show! 

But above all, have fun with your dance audition! If you stumble or mess up that’s okay, just smile through it and be yourself. Jen is so excited to meet you all! Break a leg!



ages 13 +

<source wikipedia>

  • Narrator: A character not of the time or place of the action. The Narrator tells the story through word and song, guiding the audience gently through the story of Joseph and his brothers, usually gives meaning to the story with his/her words. In early productions this character was usually played by a man; later productions have featured a woman in the role. *See note above about the role of Narrator, 5 ladies will be chosen.
  • Jacob: The father of twelve sons, his favourite being Joseph. At times he may appear unfair and shallow, but he is, more importantly, the prophet who recognises the future and the calling of Joseph, thus saving the House of Israel. Usually doubles as Potiphar.
  • Joseph: Eleventh son of Jacob. Obviously his father's favourite, Joseph early on shows a talent for interpreting dreams and telling the future. This gets him into trouble with his brothers when he predicts his future will include ruling over the other eleven. However, it saves his life when in Egypt he correctly interprets Pharaoh's dreams. In the end he has risen to a great position of power, but he still forgives his brothers and brings his family to Egypt to partake of the bounty he has accumulated there.
  • Ishmaelites: Men of the desert, they buy Joseph as a slave, take him to Egypt, and sell him to Potiphar.
  • Potiphar: A powerful and rich Egyptian, Potiphar purchases Joseph and puts him to work in his household, where he soon realises that Joseph is honest, hard-working, and a great addition to his pool of help. When he grows suspicious of Mrs. Potiphar and Joseph, however, he grows angry and has Joseph thrown into prison. Usually played by the actor playing Jacob.
  • Mrs. Potiphar: Beautiful and scheming, Mrs. Potiphar tries to seduce Joseph, but is unsuccessful. However, she does manage to rip off much of his clothing just as her husband comes into the room, thus condemning him to prison. Also plays one of the wives.
  • Baker: One of Pharaoh's servants, the Baker is in prison with Joseph who correctly interprets his dreams and predicts that he will be put to death. Played by one of the brothers.
  • Butler: Another of Pharaoh's servants, the Butler is also in prison with Joseph who also correctly interprets his dreams, this time that he will be released and taken back into Pharaoh's household. It is the Butler who tells Pharaoh about Joseph and his uncanny ability with dreams. Played by one of the brothers.
  • Pharaoh: The most powerful man in Egypt, Pharaoh is considered a god on earth. When Joseph interprets his dreams, he promotes him to one of the highest positions in his government. In most productions, Pharaoh is portrayed as an Elvis Presley-style figure. Sometimes played by one of the brothers.
  • Joseph's Eleven Brothers: Although acting usually as a group, they each have their own different personalities, talents, and flaws. As a group they sell Joseph into slavery, but as individuals they deal with the following years and how they can make amends. They sing and dance their way through many situations and places. The brothers also double as Egyptians and servants of Potiphar.
    • Reuben: Eldest son of Jacob. Takes the lead on "One More Angel in Heaven"
    • Simeon: Second son of Jacob. Takes the lead on "Those Canaan Days"
    • Levi: Third son of Jacob.
    • Judah: Fourth son of Jacob. Takes the lead on "Benjamin Calypso".
    • Dan: Fifth son of Jacob.
    • Naphtali: Sixth son of Jacob.
    • Gad: Seventh son of Jacob.
    • Asher: Eighth son of Jacob.
    • Issachar: Ninth son of Jacob.
    • Zebulun: Tenth son of Jacob.
    • Benjamin: Twelfth son of Jacob. Joseph accuses him of stealing the golden cup.
  • The Wives: The wives of Jacob. The actresses playing the wives also double as Egyptians and servants of Potiphar.
  • Adult chorus: (Men & Women) - ages 13+
  • Children's chorus: (Boys & Girls) - ages 8-12


Audition form:

Please submit the Joseph Audition google form BEFORE you come to audition, when you check-in you will be assigned an audition number. 

Link to Joseph Audition google form coming soon 

*Once you submit the form you will receive an email from google forms with the title Joseph Audition form,  please save this e-mail as it will have a link for you to update your audition form if changes need to be made. 


Video Auditions 

 DEADLINE - Sunday February 2 at 7 PM

Further video audition information coming soon 



Any questions should be directed to 


Actorsingers membership fee 

If you are cast in Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in order to appear on stage you must be an Actorsingers member, Actorsingers membership fee is $10 per year for 16 and older. If you are under 16 you must join as a family membership which is $15 for the family.



The irresistible family musical about the trials and triumphs of Joseph, Israel’s favorite son.   <source>

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