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Dear Members of ACTORSINGERS,

Several years ago, I had my first experience being on stage in a Broadway musical, RAGTIME It was with ActorSingers in Nashua, NH. I played the part of Sarah's Friend. Then I was given a more prominent role in HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS... It was an eye opener for me, particularly about the gift I was born with...not earned, but born with. Personal circumstances kept me from returning to ActorSingers; however it is an experience I cherish.

My grand-daughter, Maritza Bostic, saw me in ActorSingers' RAGTIME and HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS (she was 9 years old then), and fell in love with Broadway musicals. She is a BFA student at Salem State University in Salem, MA (in her junior year).

IRONICALLY, she is a member of the cast of RAGTIME which opened tonight at the Strand Theater in Boston. The production runs through October 7th. This is her first time on stage in a "paid gig". I am so pleased and proud that she had such a wonderful experience with the ActorSingers production of RAGTIME and HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS that she chose this as her profession. She has a beautiful soprano voice and her stage presence always takes my breath away....most time I forget I am watching my grand-daughter; but equally important, her peers really like and respect her and her gift because she is not a prima dona. If she does not have the lead (and often she has had the lead (i.e. Boston Lyric Company playing Jane Eyre), she will do make up, costumes, scenery, etc. She insists on understanding/knowing/experiencing all the parts of the picture!

I wanted to let you know that the level of professionalism demonstrated by ActorSingers birthed something special for a nine year old African/Native American child.

From me, thank you for the opportunity to experience my gift at a level I had not dared to think possible, and for giving a little girl the courage to take on the work of making this difficult profession something she can and will be successful with. Perhaps some of you will have the opportunity to see the Strand Theater's production of RAGTIME smiley.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012 7:53:00 PM