The Actorsingers

Presenting Community Theatre since 1955

Vote at the Actorsingers Annual Meeting, June 9, 2014*

*Kathy LeClair- President

*Tom Ritrovato – Vice President

*Dave Miller – Treasurer

*Evelynn Decker - Corresponding Secretary

*Gretchen Gray - Recording Secretary

 Amy Agostino – finishing 2nd year of 2 year term

 Lindsay Vago – finishing 2nd year of 2 year term

Tony Breen – finishing 2nd year of Gretchen Gray's 2 year term

*Bill Cote – new 2 year term

*Carol Gorelick – new 2 year term

*Lizzie Krahenbuhl – new 2 year term

 Donna O’Bryant Metzger – President ex-officio


* There will be a vote taken for all Officers and for 3 new 2 Year Term Directors 

Thank you to the Nominating Committee chaired by Lindsay Vago. To those who have finished serving on the Board: Donna O'Bryant Metzger,  Cheryl Stocks, Catherine Andruskevich - The Actorsingers thank you for your time, dedication and patience.

Voting will take place at the Actorsingers Annual Meeting, June 9, 2014 - 219 Lake St., Nashua

Meeting starts at 7 PM social starts at 6:30 PM

Nominations to The Board can also be made from the floor for any position with the following stipulations: 1. Anyone who is nominated from the floor and not present at the Annual Meeting must submit a letter stating their willingness to accept a nomination. 2. Anyone nominated for President must have served on The Board within the past 10 years. 3. All who nominate and accept must be voting members: 2 consecutive years of paying dues and actively involved in one Actorsingers sanctioned function per year.

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