The Actorsingers

Presenting Community Theatre since 1955

Vote at the Actorsingers Annual Meeting, June 8, 2015*


Nominations for the Slate of Officers of the Board of Directors 2015/2016 *


* There will be a vote taken for all Officers and for 3 new 2 year term directors 


* Kathy LeClair- President

* Chuck Emmons – Vice President

* Dave Miller – Treasurer

* Sarah Desaulniers - Corresponding Secretary

*Gretchen Gray – Recording Secretary

*Katie Tocci – new 2 year term 

* Craig Brennan – new 2 year term

* Cheryl Stocks – new 2 year term

   Bill Cote – second year of 2 year term

   Carol Gorelick – second year of 2 year term

   Lizzie Krahenbuhl – second year of 2 year term


Thank you to the Nominating Committee chaired by Kathy LeClair. To those who have finished serving on the Board: Donna O'Bryant Metzger (ex-officio), Tom Ritrovato (Vice President), Evelynn Decker (Corresponding Secretary), Amy Agostino (Director), Lindsay Vago (Director), Tony Breen (Director) . The Actorsingers thank you for your time, dedication and patience.

Voting will take place at the Actorsingers Annual Meeting, June 8, 2015 - 219 Lake St., Nashua

Social 6:30 PM Meeting starts at 7 PM

Nominations to The Board can also be made from the floor for any position with the following stipulations: 1. Anyone who is nominated from the floor and not present at the Annual Meeting must submit a letter stating their willingness to accept a nomination. 2. Anyone nominated for President must have served on The Board within the past 10 years. 3. All who nominate and accept must be voting members: 2 consecutive years of paying dues and actively involved in one Actorsingers sanctioned function per year.

The Next Regular Board Meeting will be Tuesday, June 2 at The Actorsingers Hall.

The Actorsingers hold two business meetings a year, one in January and one in June. We encourage all members to attend these important meetings. This is your chance to be heard and express opinions on matters of relevance to the organization. We need to have as many members as possible attend in order to establish a quorum (25% of the active membership). This is so we can vote on issues brought to the floor as well as the Slate of Officers who will serve on the Board of Directors for 2015/2016. Our theatre group would not exist if not for the dedicated volunteers who give of their time and energy. Please become one of them and plan on attending the meeting…and, of course, socializing! It is also at the Annual meeting that Awards, including Scholarships and Life Membership for distinguished service to the organization, are presented. Come show your support on Monday, June 8! See you there.

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