The Actorsingers

Presenting Community Theatre since 1955

High School Edition 


Book by Chris D’Arienzo
Arrangements and Orchestrations by Ethan Popp 


Director Sarah Wenrich 

Music Director Matt Zielonko 

Choreographer - Jennifer Ryder


Producer  - Evelynn Decker 

Audition Requirements 



Please submit on-line audition form BEFORE you arrive to auditions. (Online audition form available soon)

You will be assigned a number when you check in.


Auditions and Rehearsals will be held at:

Actorsingers Hall - 219 Lake Street, Nashua NH


Information Night:

  •  TBA
  •  Enjoy light refreshments at the social 
  •  Meet the directors and hear their vision for the show
  •  Come join the fun!

Audition Dates:


  •  TBA
  •  Callbacks will consist of reading sides from the script and singing songs from Rock of Ages 
  •  More details will be provided if you are called back


Rehearsal days:

  • TBA
  • Tuesday and Thursday nights from 7-10 pm
  • Tech week July 5  - July 12 - mandatory attendance


Show Dates:

Friday July 10, 2020 @ 8 pm
Saturday July 11, 2020  @ 2 pm & 8 pm
Sunday July 12, 2020 @ 2 pm


Show Venue:

Janice B. Streeter Theatre

14 Court Street Nashua NH 


Audition Requirements:

ages 13 - 19 

Casting all ages (13+), races, genders, shapes, and sizes 

(*you must be age 13 by opening night and no older than 19 by opening night July 10, 2020)



Please prepare two contrasting cuts of about 30 seconds each. One should be a rock ballad, and the other should be a rock uptempo.

Please choose rock songs specifically from the 70s and 80s, so that we can get a sense of what your voice sounds like in the context of the style of this show. Feel free to sing any song from Rock of Ages if you like.

Please bring sheet music (preferred), but if you’d like to audition with a track, make sure it is precut to your specific section, so we can save time in the audition.


Those interested in auditioning will be asked to read selected sides from the show. Selections will be posted on the audition page for review prior to auditions but memorization is not required.

Individuals auditioning for principal roles should familiarize themselves with the corresponding sides

Individuals auditioning solely for the ensemble will be given one of the provided sides to read



A video of the choreographer doing the audition dance at full speed, as well as a video of her doing a break down of the dance will be posted at least 1 week before auditions on this page. Learning the dance or simply viewing the video prior to auditions is not required but strongly encouraged! This dance will also be taught and run through by the choreographer starting one hour prior to auditions, and then will be taught and run through repeatedly throughout both nights by a trained dance assistant. Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes that you can dance in. 

In addition, all those auditioning will be asked on their audition form if they can do any dance spins (such as Fouettes, 3+ Pirouette spins, etc.), body stretches or contortions (such as splits, back bends, etc.), any dance leaps (Split "Switch" Leap, Calypso leap, Toe-Touch Leap, etc.), or any other interesting dance talents! You WILL be asked to demonstrate any listed special talents at the time of your audition, so don’t forget to stretch! If you cannot do any of the above, do not fear, you will still be considered for roles in the show! 

But above all, have fun with your dance audition! If you stumble or mess up that’s okay, just smile through it and be yourself. Jen is so excited to meet you all! Break a leg!



  • LONNY BARNETT - the dual role of omnipotent narrator and being the secondary male lead character within the story, with a storyline that includes a bro-mance with Dennis. He is a charming and funny guy who gets along with everyone. 
  • JUSTICE CHARLIER - the owner of the Venus-A-Go-Go Dance Club. She’s a smart woman who looks out for her girls. 
  • DENNIS DUPREE - the owner of The Bourbon Room. He’s a bit older than the others and a little burnt out on the party scene. 
  • DREW BOLEY - “just a city boy, born and raised in south Detroit” who moved to L.A. to rock. Unfortunately, every rocker has to do his time, so Drew barbacks just to make rent. While the music and setting of the show is pre-1980s, Drew is a classic musical theatre archetype – the nice guy with big dreams. 
  • SHERRIE CHRISTIAN - the female romantic lead and, like Drew, is a musical theatre archetype – a sweet, small-town girl moves to the city to pursue a brighter future.  She hopes to get her break in the acting business despite her parents’ obvious disapproval. 
  • SHERRIE'S FATHER - the classic disapproving dad. 
  • SHERRIE'S MOTHER - more nurturing and sympathetic. 
  • JOEY PRIMO - a secondary character with several great stage moments, including the classic line, “I poop money.” 
  • ANITA BATH - the Mayor’s assistant who refuses to compromise on what she thinks is right. She leads a protest to save The Bourbon Room and, in the process, falls in love with Franz. 
  • MAYOR - chooses the money over the music and is more than willing to sell himself and his city out to the highest bidder. This role can be played by a guy or a girl.
  • HILDA KLINEMAN - a German real estate developer who has her eyes on turning the Sunset Strip into a strip mall. With her son Franz by her side, Hilda won’t take no for an answer. 
  • FRANZ KLINEMAN - the son of the overbearing Hilda, and he dreams of running a confectionary shop back in Hamburg.  
  • STACEE JAXX - the comedic villain of the show, is a bona fide rock star who doesn’t quite realize through his selfish and wild antics that he’s reached the peak of his career. Cast a charismatic performer with an excellent voice who can command the stage and make a self-absorbed rock star both villainous and hilarious.
  • WAITRESS #1, #2 and #3 - work at The Bourbon Room and exemplify the era of 1980s rock with style and flair. 
  • PROTESTOR #1, #2 and #3 - a group of die-hard rockers helping Anita save the Sunset Strip. 
  • THE BAND (Lead Guitarist, Second Guitar, Bass, Piano and Drums) - members of Arsenal, once led by Stacee Jaxx but are now separating from their front man. 
  • CONSTANCE SACK - an inquisitive reporter who interviews Stacee Jaxx just as he’s about to part ways with his band. 
  • JA'KEITH GILL - becomes Drew’s agent and in the process, destroys Drew’s rock star dreams by forcing Drew to join a boy band. 
  • SLEAZY RECORD PRODUCER and a SLEAZIER RECORD PRODUCER - These roles require a bit of singing but are mainly a sight gag and can be played by boys or girls.
  • PRODUCER (Orion) - sees Sherrie as the next Molly Ringwald and offers her his card (which is a picture of his beach house in Malibu). This is a non-singing role.
  • ROCKER - a featured role who hangs at The Bourbon Room with Joey Primo. 
  • RIOT POLICE, WOMAN IN A SEQUIN GOWN, GIRL and BARTENDER - cameo roles, some with few speaking lines, and all feed into the vivid world of the Sunset Strip of the 1980s. 


Audition form:

Please submit the Audition google form BEFORE you come to audition, when you check-in you will be assigned an audition number. 

Link to Audition google form is  coming soon

*Once you submit the form you will receive an email from google forms with the title RoA Audition form,  please save this e-mail as it will have a link for you to update your audition form if changes need to be made. 


Video Auditions 

 DEADLINE - Saturday April 4 at 1 PM

Please use the on-line form to submit your video audition 

The on-line form will ask those who video audition to upload

  1. Headshot
  2. Resume
  3. video singing song 1
  4. video signing song 2 
  5. video doing the audition dance
  6. video reading side




Any questions should be directed to TBA


Actorsingers membership fee 

If you are cast in Rock of Ages in order to appear on stage you must be an Actorsingers member, Actorsingers membership fee is $10 per year for 16 and older. If you are under 16 you must join as a family membership which is $15 for the family.


More Show info:
Concord Theatricals website 




ROCK OF AGES (HIGH SCHOOL EDITION) is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals.


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