The Actorsingers

Presenting Community Theatre since 1955

Twice a year the Actorsingers hold a business meeting open to the general public. We strongly encourage all members to attend and discuss the important issues of the organization. Mark the date, Friday, January 27. This is your chance to be heard and express opinions on matters of relevance. We need a Quorum of the active members (those who have paid dues for at least 2 years and have participated in 1 Actorsingers function per year) in order to take any votes or action on an issue. Please plan to attend. We are only as strong as our membership. Everyone is welcome!

* Printed copies of The Treasurer's report will not be available at the meeting. (Actorsingers trying to go green). If you would like a hard copy, E-mail Treasurer, Glen Grimard, prior to the meeting at

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